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For NOAA, flexible cloud enables mammoth computing

NOAA is harnessing the potential of the cloud – and the innovation of the private sector – to deliver its enormous troves of data to the public.

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HHS mirrors Google, bank regulators' IT shortcomings and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

Pacific Northwest National Lab image: PNNL microbiologist Josh Powell looks at anthrax spores, which have developed into bacteria over the course of 12 hours. At low doses, researchers found growth of spores is lower in human lung cells than rabbits.

New study could help bio-threat response

The goal is to be able to predict outcomes from terrorist incidents involving anthrax.

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Small business contracts: Digging into agencies' performance

The percentage of contracts going to small businesses varies widely from agency to agency -- and the patterns for specific small-business types are even more interesting.

Associated Press image (by Kevin Lamarque): Hillary Clinton on a plane to Libya.

As secretary, Clinton turned to top aides for tech support

Rather than seeking assistance from the State Department help desk, she emailed senior aides for assistance.

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e-QIP fallout and more phishing schemes

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

Summary of care for lab results from the VA

VA mobile apps link into the Vista health record

The VA is moving forward with a suite of apps for patients and providers that feature live connections into VA health records.

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Halvorsen's Silicon Valley trip shakes up JRSS

An RFP for Joint Regional Security Stacks software will ask vendors to incorporate big-data analytics capabilities that DOD CIO Terry Halvorsen observed firsthand in Silicon Valley.

Shutterstock image (by kangshutters): Satellite dish transmission data.

GSA ponders partnership with DISA on telecom

GSA is including a clause in the EIS contract to bring it in line with the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation System.

Shutterstock images (honglouwawa & 0beron): Bitcoin image overlay replaced with a dollar sign on a hardware circuit.

Warren: Cyber won't suffer in VA budget crunch

Acting VA tech head Steph Warren says malware attempts are trending down from a peak in March, a result of the wider use of Einstein 3.

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NASA still a great place to be a boss

The Department of Labor experienced the most improvement in a survey of Senior Executive Service satisfaction, while Defense and Veterans Affairs continued to lag the field.

18F delays RFQ again, DOD wants cloud, White House FISMA compliance and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

The 2015 Federal 100

Meet 100 women and men who are doing great things in federal IT.