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Cyber framework promising but may need more

Response has been generally positive, but concerns remain about privacy, incentives and other items not addressed by the framework.

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Real regs target virtual currency

The Treasury Department is targeting money transmitters, but personal use remains outside the realm of regulation, at least for now.

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White House unveils cybersecurity framework

The primary targets of the National Institute of Standards and Technology guidelines are the owners and operators of privately run critical infrastructure.

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Air Force looks to shared services for help with IT acquisition

The Air Force is increasingly handling its IT purchasing problems by partnering with other Pentagon agencies and the private sector.

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Geospatial director: Make your data accessible

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency does not routinely share its information with the public, but after a recent natural disaster, the agency opened up its data with positive results.

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Taking your social media strategy to the next level

Agencies must thoroughly understand not only what they want to get out of social media, but what their customers are looking for.

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Forthcoming cybersecurity framework to address privacy

Since the most recent draft came out in October, a sharpened focus on privacy has evolved.

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NSA cybersecurity issues echo scathing Hill report

A New York Times story on NSA vulnerabilities bears a striking resemblance to a report by Republicans on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee detailing problems at other agencies.

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CBP website helps track trade violations

The retooled site for processing trade data is part of the DHS agency’s Automated Commercial Environment.

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ICE seeks new case management system

The push to get a new system in place by September 2015 comes as ICE is digging its way out of an abandoned effort with Raytheon to replace an aging, Cobol-based system.

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Raytheon latest to claim DARPA strategic tech funding

The newest award suggests the Pentagon and intelligence community want to improve the collection of geospatial data.


Study: Pentagon fuel supply at risk of hack

The use of unsecured networks to oversee many aspects of military logistics raises the possibility of malware attacks.