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Spreading the OASIS wealth

GSA has awarded contracts to 74 companies under the One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services program.

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Sandia delves into brain-modeled computer systems

Computers based on the neural network of the human brain would be ideal for operating UAVs and solving big-data problems.

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DARPA targets MERS

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency work on Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is one of the first big tests for its nascent Biological Technologies Office.

CDC's BioMosaic helps track MERS

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's app integrates demography, migration and health data to analyze the potential spread of the disease.

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Measuring knowledge at NASA

NASA has metrics to gauge competency, but Chief Knowledge Officer Ed Hoffman says hard skills aren't everything.

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FBI in the market for bad software

The FBI is seeking a supplier of malicious code, links and exploits.

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NIST's dream: Integrating security into design

New guidelines offer best practices for information systems security.

News and notes from day 2 at FOSE

Highlights from the second day of the FOSE conference.

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Cobert tees up IT management plans

OMB advocates are finding ways to make IT procurement more agile as they seek broader systemic reforms.

News and notes from FOSE

Highlights from the first day at the FOSE conference.

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CBP offers 'explanation plus' to losing bidders

The plan is to tell vendors who fail to win a contract why they lost, within the constraints of the Federal Acquisition Regulation, rather than just telling them that they did.

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Rung leaving GSA for White House post

Anne Rung, GSA's associate administrator of governmentwide policy, is leaving at the end of the month to become a senior adviser at OMB.