Presidential Innovation Fellow_Hillary Hartley

Presidential fellow hawks MyUSA site as proof government can innovate

The upcoming launch of the will help agencies engage with the public, says Hillary Hartley.

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Defense, DHS, VA drive rise in federal employment

Three national-security related departments accounted for 77 percent of the total government-wide increase in compensation from 2004 to 2012.

Next Generation 911 logo

GAO: Protect next-gen 911 from cyberattack

With multiple federal entities working on emergency response communications, GAO says DHS should take the lead.

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Walter Reed brings crisis communications system online

The Navy Yard shooting in D.C. and the Fort Hood attack in Texas have increased the focus on workplace security at government installations.

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Report: White House seeks to defang transparency bill

The chief Senate supporter of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act says the proposed changes are unacceptable, and he is backed by open-government advocates.

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GSA, DOD team up to bolster cyber protections

Acquisition reform did not get any attention during the State of the Union address, but that doesn't mean reform efforts are off the agenda.

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Security clearance reform: more questions than answers

Many of the proposed solutions rely on the use of IT – automation, continuous evaluation and shared data banks between agencies.

Wolf Tombe, Customs and Border Protection (Photo: Flickr/GTRA)

Moving to the cloud? Learn from CBP's mistakes

CTO Wolf Tombe's four years of early-adopter experience provides a host of hard-learned lessons.

futuristic cyberwar

The economics of a national cyber immune system

Inexpensive attacks can yield great returns for the bad guys, while the defenders work with limited budgets and have to be right every time.

Edward Snowden

Agencies pay for public distrust in post-Snowden era

In the wake of the Snowden affair, Americans are growing more reluctant to hand over personal information to the government, which hurts legitimate data collection and could drive up costs.

Soda Spill - Shutterstock Image

What feds can learn from Coca-Cola's data breach

The beverage giant's breach, which involved a former employee stealing laptops with unencrypted data, is a teachable moment for federal agencies.

Rep. Darrell Issa

Issa takes aim at federal security protocols

A House committee held a closed hearing to discuss potentially sensitive information related to the security of the website.