cloud security

DOD approves four cloud solutions for department-wide use

Commercial offerings meet DOD Impact Levels 1 and 2.

cloud concept with man in suit

'The end of hype for cloud'

The next step in making the most of cloud services is establishing effective acquisition strategies for federal agencies.

image of obama on phone

Obama, Intel Committee leaders propose data collection changes

The president’s plan would require a court order to collect information on individual accounts; the lawmakers’ bill would not.

hands and cloud

Cloud's potential depends on interoperability

Cloud technology is becoming a force multiplier for emerging mobility and big data capabilities at federal agencies.

money drain

Eating up the IT spending pie

IT integration remains a work in progress for disparate DHS components.

FDA tobacco eduction widget

FDA taps video mailers to educate on tobacco

A FedBizOpps posting said the agency wants to use video-enabled greeting cards to combat smoking

Shipping containers in port. (Shutterstock image)

CBP’s cargo data system takes next step

The Automated Commercial Environment is set to be fully in place by the end of 2016 and will replace CBP’s legacy import/export data systems.

The Navy

Software problems slow F-35 program

Delays could hurt the Joint Strike Fighter's capabilities even as the planes enter the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps fleets.

large broadcasting antenna

FCC chief to propose spectrum-sharing rules

The move is the latest step in a longstanding plan to put 500 MHz of federal and non-federal spectrum into private hands.

GSA Administrator and 2014 Government Eagle Award winner Dan Tangherlini

Dan Tangherlini: A force for continuous change

"It's OK to risk the possibility of blowing up what works," says the GSA administrator, if the payoff warrants it.

gold shield on top of computer code

Filling in the blanks on GSA's cyber-response campus

Experts say cyber-response consolidation is a laudable goal, but warn that it is also fraught with potential problems.

room of computers

Justice IG finds fault with encryption practices

An audit ripped the U.S. Attorneys’ office for failing to secure laptops and tablets holding sensitive information.