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Checking TWIC card at the Port of Baltimore (Photo: U.S. Coast Guard)

Does TWIC really work?

Senators grill port security experts on whether the Transportation Worker Identification Credential program is worth the time and money.

FedRAMP logo -- GSA image

Dealing with the FedRAMP deadline

A day ahead of GSA's deadline for cloud service providers to be certified, both government and vendors say they have seen an evolution in attitudes and strategies.

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Faster CDM, the global cloud, a $917M 'Space Fence' and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

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How VA's $36 million move to the cloud evaporated

The Department of Veterans Affairs IT shop scuttled a long-planned cloud deal because of worries about email retention and security concerns.

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The cost of compliance

Reacting to data security problems is costlier than taking steps to avoid them, a new report says.

Facial recognition

NSA employs ever-improving facial-recognition technology

The National Security Agency’s revelation highlights the growing sophistication of facial-recognition tools available to government.

astonished man in data center

CFTC mulls retooling market surveillance for high-frequency trading

An alphabet soup of regulators collect data on financial transactions, but a universal eye into markets is still on the drawing board.

 Shutterstock image: global health.

Health IT hub, open gov at OSTP, a regulatory dashboard and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

Michael Rogers

NSA director: Detection trumps prevention

Because keeping cyber intruders out is increasingly difficult, the focus should be on finding them quickly and assessing the threat, says Adm. Michael Rogers.

Backstory image - data breaches

What to do about data breaches

A recent GAO report shows data breaches are on the rise -- and decidedly uneven responses from one agency to the next.

doctor and laptop

FDA launches data platform

The FDA is releasing an API to collect far-flung data on adverse drug reactions for use by developers as part of an open-data strategy.

Shutterstock image: prison interior.

Federal inmates to get more advanced electronic health records

The Bureau of Prisons is seeking an advanced IT solution for managing health care behind bars.