Exec Tech

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker

What Pritzker wants from Silicon Valley

In first official visit to the West Coast tech mecca, Commerce secretary solicits partnerships on climate data and highlights new Census tool.

Big Data

Report: Big data, cybersecurity intrinsically linked

Analysts see 'tremendous value' in data the government collects, but say infrastructure and policy prevent making the best use of it.

analytics concept art

Pro tips for using big data

Ignore fads and focus on what the agency is looking to achieve, says Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board CIO Shawn Kingsberry.

abstract head representing big data

DARPA seeks innovative ways to make sense of data

If big data represents the search for a needle in a haystack, DARPA aims to develop technology that explains why the needle is in the stack in the first place.

adrift in a sea of data

What CIOs say about big data

Ten insights from IT leaders on the front lines of big-data deployments.

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Hagel outlines looming DOD budget cuts

Cybersecurity is one of a few areas set to receive a boost, at the expense of troop strength.

concept cybersecurity art

DHS seeks assessment of cybersecurity market for smaller companies

The agency wants to encourage small and midsize businesses to adopt the Cybersecurity Framework.

Soldier using Defense Connect Online

Defense Connect Online hits milestone

DISA’s online collaboration tool registers 1 million users.

black box

Report: Government might expand NSA's database

Pending lawsuits could prompt agency to preserve meta data far longer than planned.

cyber attack button

Think a cyber breach won’t happen to you? Think again

A report from Dell showed that only 18 percent of those surveyed consider predicting and detecting unknown cyber threats a top concern.

abstract network security

'Cultural shift' aids continuous monitoring

Security checklists and formal reviews are giving way to technologies that allow for real-time threat awareness.


How DHS is helping implement the cyber framework

C3 program will help critical infrastructure operators with readiness and risk management.