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adrift in a sea of data

What CIOs say about big data

Ten insights from IT leaders on the front lines of big-data deployments.

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Hagel outlines looming DOD budget cuts

Cybersecurity is one of a few areas set to receive a boost, at the expense of troop strength.

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DHS seeks assessment of cybersecurity market for smaller companies

The agency wants to encourage small and midsize businesses to adopt the Cybersecurity Framework.

Soldier using Defense Connect Online

Defense Connect Online hits milestone

DISA’s online collaboration tool registers 1 million users.

black box

Report: Government might expand NSA's database

Pending lawsuits could prompt agency to preserve meta data far longer than planned.

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'Cultural shift' aids continuous monitoring

Security checklists and formal reviews are giving way to technologies that allow for real-time threat awareness.

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Think a cyber breach won’t happen to you? Think again

A report from Dell showed that only 18 percent of those surveyed consider predicting and detecting unknown cyber threats a top concern.


How DHS is helping implement the cyber framework

C3 program will help critical infrastructure operators with readiness and risk management.

Defense Department CIO Teri Takai speaking at a Feb. 20, 2014, press conference.

DOD launches new spectrum strategy

In the long term, the Pentagon will look to replace legacy systems with more "militarily effective" technologies.

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ICE license plate-reader solicitation canceled

The DHS agency was seeking a company to build a smart phone-accessible database of license plate information that agents could use in the field.

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Time to raise networking expectations in government

Agencies need to stop relying on 20th-century solutions and create networks than can move a terabyte of data per hour, says DOE official Greg Bell.


GSA offers prizes for travel data tool

The top three entries in the Travel Data Challenge will share $90,000 in prize money.