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Change, technology and the federal workforce

From using data intelligently to adjusting to a younger workforce to training with a purpose, experts analyze the near-future of government.

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The mosaic effect and big data

Big data, inside government and out, is leading to a reconsideration of what is meant by privacy.

Will shared services disrupt competition?

As the government moves forward with a policy to promote the use of federal shared-service providers for financial management, industry leaders wonder what will happen to the marketplace.

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Taking video analytics to the next level

The technology has become more common in the federal space and even in consumer settings, but it still has a long way to go.

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Justice reassures ISPs on information-sharing

A DOJ white paper asserts that federal law does not preclude companies from providing aggregate data -- if that data contains no specific, detailed information on customers.

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DISA director: Industry has a role in Pentagon cloud

While the Snowden and Manning leaks may have underlined the importance of the Joint Information Environment, it is unclear if they accelerated the timetable for completion.

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Stat overflow?

Screening IT projects at the start could be a boon -- but it's got to be done right.

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GSA holds Demo Day for 18F

The General Services Administration's coming-out party for its 18F digital incubator showed off the program's multifaceted capabilities.

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Information security incidents by agency

The Office of Management and Budget's annual report to Congress on the Federal Information Security Management Act details which agencies are getting hit and how.

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Lockheed looks to open standards

The standardized software is intended to boost the sharing of cyber-threat information through automation.

Pairing up for shared services

Potential users and providers should try to match their needs as closely as possible, top IT managers say.

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Study: Pentagon needs strategic approach to UAVs

A Center for Strategic and International Studies report notes decreased R&D spending at the same time several other countries are gearing up their own drone programs.