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Tapping the potential of predictive analytics

The Internet of Things really could change everything -- and agencies need to start preparing now.

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DOJ recording policy raises tech questions

Recording suspect interviews presents the department with the challenge of how it will create and store the information.

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Vendors getting mixed messages on cybersecurity

The sometimes-confusing guidance on acquisition and supply line protection rules is leaving some potential industry partners flummoxed.

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China indictments spotlight military's vulnerability

China's targeting of U.S. military know-how is a fact of life for the defense industrial base, which hopes a longstanding information-sharing framework will be enough to ward off threats.

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Mueller: Cyber experts need offline investigative skills

While agencies scramble to recruit cyber talent, former FBI Director Robert Mueller notes that law enforcement skills are also needed.

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Enterprise-wide software license management lags, GAO finds

Without executive direction from the federal CIO, agencies will have difficulty realizing cost savings through enterprise-wide software license management, says a new report.

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NASA's new view of asteroids

NASA is partnering with Slooh, which has a global network of web-connected telescopes, to engage citizen scientists in helping track asteroids that might pose a threat to Earth.

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Senate panel approves DHS cyber hiring measure

The bill is aimed at giving the Department of Homeland Security more flexibility in hiring cybersecurity specialists.

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DOD turns to FedRAMP and cloud brokering

Civilian agencies' approach to cloud security is now a key part of the Pentagon's process.

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Infrastructure cyber intrusion: A cautionary tale

ICS-CERT typically does not provide much detail when reporting incursions, but it made an exception for two recent cases to highlight the dangers.

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Veterans and the cybersecurity gap

Vets need jobs. Everybody needs cyber-specialists. And situational awareness could be the thread to connect the two.

Building the systems for innovation

Federal agencies can't operate like Silicon Valley startups, but even the largest organization can manage for great innovation.