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Air Force looks to shared services for help with IT acquisition

The Air Force is increasingly handling its IT purchasing problems by partnering with other Pentagon agencies and the private sector.

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Geospatial director: Make your data accessible

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency does not routinely share its information with the public, but after a recent natural disaster, the agency opened up its data with positive results.

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Why FedRAMP should matter to you

A reminder for vendors and feds alike of what is required by June 2014.

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Watchdog groups push Senate, White House on Data Act

Organizations as diverse as the Sunlight Foundation and Gun Owners of America want the legislation passed without the changes proposed by OMB.


Feds seek industry input for info-sharing architecture

The architecture is intended to make information sharing between federal agencies easier and less legally burdensome.

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2 questions to ask before diving into infrastructure-as-a-service

Well-designed IaaS deployments can allow failures to happen without the customer and their users noticing.

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Forthcoming cybersecurity framework to address privacy

Since the most recent draft came out in October, a sharpened focus on privacy has evolved.

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NSA cybersecurity issues echo scathing Hill report

A New York Times story on NSA vulnerabilities bears a striking resemblance to a report by Republicans on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee detailing problems at other agencies.

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Raytheon latest to claim DARPA strategic tech funding

The newest award suggests the Pentagon and intelligence community want to improve the collection of geospatial data.


Study: Pentagon fuel supply at risk of hack

The use of unsecured networks to oversee many aspects of military logistics raises the possibility of malware attacks.

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Don't be too sure about the state of your security

Cyberthreat Defense Report sheds light on global cybersecurity measures

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Work: It's what you do, not where you do it

In the ongoing quest to save money, many agencies are turning to flexible, communal office space -- and are redefining work in the process.