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Don't be too sure about the state of your security

Cyberthreat Defense Report sheds light on global cybersecurity measures


Study: Pentagon fuel supply at risk of hack

The use of unsecured networks to oversee many aspects of military logistics raises the possibility of malware attacks.

Tom Simmons, Citrix

Work: It's what you do, not where you do it

In the ongoing quest to save money, many agencies are turning to flexible, communal office space -- and are redefining work in the process.


Big data today will be the norm tomorrow

Author Bill Franks says organizations that capitalize on big data in the technology's infancy will seize an early competitive advantage.

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ODNI enlists telecoms to find metadata storage solution

A request for information seeks suggestions on how to keep telephone metadata accessible to spy agencies without the government storing it.

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Fed IT transformation a no-brainer? Not so fast

Juggling competing priorities makes agency IT overhauls an often overwhelming exercise.

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The big switch

Telecom carriers are eager to see federal agencies get moving on the changeover to IP-based networks.

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How the speed of technological change can be an opportunity

Former USDA CIO Chris Smith, now AT&T's vice president of technology, says government is coping reasonably well but could do more to lead.

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Critical infrastructure cyber bill moves forward

The bipartisan measure would codify numerous existing government cybersecurity efforts.


Northrop Grumman gets US-CERT deal

The indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract could be worth as much as $350 million over five years.

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Hill report skewers agencies' cybersecurity practices

Some of the most troubling issues have been at DHS, the agency charged with leading federal cybersecurity efforts.

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After Snowden, what's changed (and what hasn't)

Despite good guidance from feds, defense contractors still feel vulnerable to cyber-threats post-Snowden.