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futuristic cyberwar

The economics of a national cyber immune system

Inexpensive attacks can yield great returns for the bad guys, while the defenders work with limited budgets and have to be right every time.

Edward Snowden

Agencies pay for public distrust in post-Snowden era

In the wake of the Snowden affair, Americans are growing more reluctant to hand over personal information to the government, which hurts legitimate data collection and could drive up costs.

Soda Spill - Shutterstock Image

What feds can learn from Coca-Cola's data breach

The beverage giant's breach, which involved a former employee stealing laptops with unencrypted data, is a teachable moment for federal agencies.

Rep. Darrell Issa

Issa takes aim at federal security protocols

A House committee held a closed hearing to discuss potentially sensitive information related to the security of the HealthCare.gov website.

Cloud computing icon

Highlighting some lessons learned by federal cloud users

Migration to the cloud yields real benefits, but only when thought through and managed properly, say federal IT leaders who have made the move.

Agile Development Stock Image

Agencies and Agile: How to make it work

A new report helps agency leaders understand what the popular approach to software development can offer complex government projects.

digital key

Cryptography experts sign open letter against NSA surveillance

President has still not addressed compromised security standards, cryptographers warn.

FedRAMP logo -- GSA image

FedRAMP: Keeping up with changing cloud security standards

Cloud computing continues to evolve -- and so do the government's security controls.

screen capture of HealthCare.gov site

CMS amped up cloud capacity a day before HealthCare.gov launched

Newly released contracting documents detail arrangements with Terremark and Accenture.

Casey Coleman

Coleman's parting thoughts at GSA

Her farewell blog post recaps accomplishments and handicaps future tech. Plus, the GSA Training and Expo has been canceled for the second year.

Michael Rogers

Obama greenlights next NSA/CyberCom chief

As expected, Michael Rogers will succeed Keith Alexander.

image of NOAA polar-orbiting satellite

NOAA satellites helped save 253 lives in 2013

The orbiting craft are part of a network that detects and locates distress signals from emergency beacons.