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Pairing up for shared services

Potential users and providers should try to match their needs as closely as possible, top IT managers say.

UAV in flight

Study: Pentagon needs strategic approach to UAVs

A Center for Strategic and International Studies report notes decreased R&D spending at the same time several other countries are gearing up their own drone programs.

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NIH readies new IT contract

The $20 billion solicitation will give agencies access to commodities and solutions related to a variety of IT initiatives, Washington Technology reports.

Joseph Klimavicz

Exit interview: Joseph Klimavicz

The outgoing NOAA CIO says that of the many innovations he has led at the agency, a recently unveiled big data plan is the "most out of the box" -- and he is sorry he won't be around to see it through as he heads to the Justice Department.

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GAO nudges DHS on high-risk areas

A new report both commends and jabs DHS for its work on IT acquisition and management.

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Data breaches are getting more expensive

A study by the Ponemon Institute and IBM found the cost per compromised record rose 7 percent in the past year.

NSA funds 'science of cybersecurity' research

Four universities are participating through the creation of "lablets" -- small laboratories launched with a first-year cost of about $8 million.

Cyberattack, financial services

NIST eyes IT asset management for financial services industry

The agency and its partner, the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, are looking for collaborators on a model system to guard against cyberattacks.

US Capitol

Defense authorization bill boosts cybersecurity

A House panel’s version of the annual defense policy measure would authorize increased cyber funding and require the administration to report back to Congress on a range of IT-related issues.

Collaboration is wicked hard but essential

Cybersecurity demands leadership across agencies because of the widespread challenge it presents, says a new Brookings report.

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Divided by a common language

Using the same terminology -- and applying the same definitions to those terms -- is crucial in managing mobile and other IT services.

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FirstNet CIO builds up his shop

Jim Gwinn says he enjoys the feel of operating in what is essentially a high-tech startup inside government.