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Using big data to benefit veterans

A VistA expert offers three keys for turning health data into improved care and lower costs.

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DISA's new unit aims to take pressure off Cyber Command

A new joint force cyber unit will relieve Cyber Command of some of its organizational duties and help identify vulnerabilities on military networks.

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CentCom hacked, GSA dinged and big data's cyber power

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

Department of Energy

Largest digital camera ever will be pointed at the sky

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope 'will help researchers study the formation of galaxies, track potentially hazardous asteroids, observe exploding stars and better understand dark matter and dark energy.'

President Barack Obama

President pivots to cyberspace

The White House has begun rolling out a series of cyber-related legislative proposals targeting both consumer and national security issues.

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U.S. officials: Sony investigation was thorough

Obama administration officials have vigorously defended what they say was a thorough and careful investigation into the Sony hack that laid the blame on North Korea.

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Tech for 2020 Census comes into focus

Officials estimate that improved self-reporting could save $548 million, and that technology to improve the management and productivity of field workers could result in $2.3 billion in savings.


DHS approps, CISPA returns, Senate Web and more

New and notes from around the federal IT community.

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The FBI, North Korea and the future of cyber investigations

Experts questioning the FBI's presentation of evidence against North Korea argue that making an arguably ambiguous case is counter-productive to U.S. efforts to build norms in cyberspace.

Updating acquisition guidance, awaiting a patent and hacking damage

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

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Better computers, better weather forecasts

Upgrades to NOAA’s two supercomputers should mean more accurate day-to-day and long-term forecasting.

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How to catch the attacker with valid user credentials

Behavioral analysis could make continuous diagnostics and mitigation more effective than ever.