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IBM Center Innovation Report

Government innovates, and people notice

Nearly 90 percent those surveyed for a new IBM Center report said their projects got media attention.

Former FBI operative Eric O

Watch out for 'the guy in cubicle 3B'

It's easier to recruit an insider than to hack from the outside, warns the former FBI man who had a leading role in catching notorious spy Robert Hanssen.

business woman accessing social network

IT testing for 2020 count running behind

GAO auditors said that although the Census Bureau has made progress on the IT for the decennial count, several of the supporting projects have neither a schedule nor a detailed plan.

gold shield on top of computer code

Data breach response leaves something to be desired

The number of federal agency data breaches involving personally identifiable information increased from 10,481 in 2009 to 25,566 in 2013.

compass innovation

DARPA does biotech

The mission of the new Biological Technologies Office is to explore the intersection of technology and the physical sciences.


DHS warns of fake help-desk scams

An uptick in attacks could be tied to the pending expiration of support for the Windows XP operating system.

CBP mobile sensor tower near Nogales, Ariz.

Lawmaker: Staffing expenses threaten CBP tech acquisition

Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske assured appropriators that his agency is moving ahead with cost-efficient programs to monitor borders and ports of entry.

data door

Zillow CEO: Agencies should offer more open data

Too much public data still flows through for-profit intermediaries, Spencer Rascoff said.

compass innovation

Industry takes a wait-and-see attitude on 18F

GSA's digital incubator program has some private-sector leaders wondering if the agency is encroaching on their territory.

computers and globe_data sharing

Will hackers find bioweapon secrets in the cloud?

Some scientists fear that advanced research in virology, genetics, and other areas could result in unintended discoveries with the potential for weaponization, aided by the lax cybersecurity posture of many academic and research institutions.

light bulb

The ABCs of 18F

When GSA announced its in-house development startup, it got people talking, and not all the chatter was positive.


Cyberattacks: Too much how, not enough why

The Intelligence and National Security Alliance wants potential victims to pay attention to strategy rather than tactics.