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Phil Rosenzweig

Models, models everywhere

This excerpt from "Left Brain, Right Stuff" explains the value and limitations of decision models.

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White House urges changes to clearance rules

The government plans to move to a continuous evaluation method for security clearances, which will require new IT systems to store and search through data.

Mary Davie, GSA

GSA looks at lessons learned from Networx contract

The agency has made public a pair of documents detailing takeaways from the longer-than-expected transition.

world map connected to laptop PC

Why maps matter

With new technologies and an explosion of geodata, more and more agencies are mapping to make sense of their missions.

map of Syria with data on humanitarian crisis

State Department: Mapping the humanitarian crisis in Syria

The department's maps can help people make sense of complex humanitarian emergencies and understand what is happening on the ground.

Letitia Long of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

NGA: Seeking full immersion in geospatial data

NGA's Map of the World will serve as the backbone for the agency's innovative efforts to satisfy the geospatial appetites of the 17 intelligence agencies.

Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites - NOAA

NOAA budget boost focused on data

The largest request for NOAA's five offices is the National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service, which would get an increase of about $165 million over fiscal 2014.

Freedom Industries facility on Elk River in West Virginia

EPA: Using maps to make sense of water pollution data

EPA's map-based "How's My Waterway?" app allows users to check pollution levels in almost any U.S. lake, river or other waterway.

data abstract

One DHS remains a work in progress

The multiple components at the department have an existing architecture of databases "not conducive to effective implementation," report finds.

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Three routes to FedRAMP: Choose wisely

The most common path is gaining a provisional authority to operate from the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board, but that might not be the best choice for every vendor.

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Will more money for VA fix the IT 'deficiencies'?

Fiscal 2015 budget request would boost funding for IT security, but legislators have their doubts.

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Involving the C-suite in risk management

Leaders throughout the organization need to join forces to more systematically and proactively address security threats