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NSF grants, an EIS workshop and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

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New glitch stalls State's visa and passport database

A June 9 hardware failure stalls passport and visa issuances, but is apparently unrelated to last year's failure of the Consular Consolidated Database.

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OPM's 'Cyber Pearl Harbor' might affect 14 million

The OPM breach is looking worse than initially projected, with potentially every fed's information compromised. And the breach was discovered during a vendor's sales demonstration.

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Coalition for Open Security brings new voice to info-sharing debate

The formation of the coalition, a private sector-led group with tacit federal support, comes at a critical time for cybersecurity information-sharing legislation.

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VA set to test new-look health record interface

VA's pending system helps solve the agency's internal interoperability problems, while extending data to the DoD.

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Why precision attacks succeed, and what agencies need to know

The OPM breach is getting all the attention, but recent attacks on State Department and White House systems should have agencies equally concerned.

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Scott tells agency CIOs to speed up security measures

The federal CIO's message to agency IT officials doesn't mention the OPM breach, but it certainly conveys a sense of urgency.

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Nader and Norquist deconstruct the Data Act

If terabytes of data are released in the forest and no one is around to read them, do they make a difference?

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Going big on Data Act implementation

Senior leadership's message is clear that a half-hearted effort at tracking government spending data just won't cut it.

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Mobile pushes changes in biometric identifiers

Evolving biometrics should be more difficult to spoof, but they present challenges for accuracy and privacy.

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Interoperable radio issues still hound DHS

Almost 14 years after the September 11 attacks, radio interoperability remains a dream deferred.

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Of garden hoses, tennis bracelets and FedRAMP

"Not every application is meant for the cloud," says the director of the GSA program that certifies cloud security.

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