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Iranian hackers likely targeted U.S. officials

The hacking project used Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to target high-ranking members of the defense and diplomatic establishment.

Global Hawk drone

Send in the drones

Unmanned aerial systems are steadily spreading from military and intelligence missions to civilian agencies, but it can be a bumpy ride.

Pointing to data-driven successes

The White House Energy Datapalooza highlighted what the Obama administration says are money-saving -- and planet-saving -- uses of big data.

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Heartbleed tested agency readiness

A Democratic senator says "clear legal authority and processes to facilitate a seamless response" are still needed to effectively combat cyber threats, and the White House acknowledges "we still have more work to do."

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Army cyber chief wants more failure

The Army's top cyber soldier makes a plea for leaner, faster development and more flexible budgets.

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GSA toots Data.gov’s horn

With 105,000 data sets provided by 227 federal entities, Data.gov has grown to include 4.5 million unique visitors.

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SEWP explores strategic sourcing for PCs

OMB directed a new Workstations Commodity Team to develop a way to quickly compare contracting vehicles that offer similar devices and services.

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HP launches private cloud with high-security federal users in mind

Hewlett-Packard wants to get in on the burgeoning market for military and intel IT with a new cloud offering.

Software-defined storage aims for ease of management

The successor to storage virtualization remains largely untested by agencies, but industry experts say the benefits will change that soon enough.

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Tapping the potential of predictive analytics

The Internet of Things really could change everything -- and agencies need to start preparing now.

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DOJ recording policy raises tech questions

Recording suspect interviews presents the department with the challenge of how it will create and store the information.

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Vendors getting mixed messages on cybersecurity

The sometimes-confusing guidance on acquisition and supply line protection rules is leaving some potential industry partners flummoxed.