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Sneaking up on agile development

When implementing agile development, agencies should focus on results rather than how to get there, said Shawn Kingsberry, CIO of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board.

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Dysfunctional Congress contributes to IT insecurity, report finds

IT workers on the front lines of securing government systems are concerned about lack of funding and the inability of lawmakers to pass tougher cybersecurity legislation.

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Can the federal government get its IT groove back?

High-profile failures have eclipsed the sometimes exceptional work that federal IT workers do, said one of the leaders of the ACT-IAC Management of Change conference.

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Sandia delves into brain-modeled computer systems

Computers based on the neural network of the human brain would be ideal for operating UAVs and solving big-data problems.

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DARPA targets MERS

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency work on Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is one of the first big tests for its nascent Biological Technologies Office.

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Looking back to move forward

Alastair Mitchell argues it is a good time to revisit the goals and guidelines of the Federal Cloud Computing Strategy.

CDC's BioMosaic helps track MERS

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's app integrates demography, migration and health data to analyze the potential spread of the disease.

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Industry group raises alarm over Google's changing ad policy

Google recently pulled the advertising option from its Education Apps product line -- are there ramifications for federal users?

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Andreessen Horowitz leads $15 million funding round for OpenGov

The data visualization firm has signed up 100 governments in 14 months and sees new potential at the federal level.

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FBI in the market for bad software

The FBI is seeking a supplier of malicious code, links and exploits.

News and notes from day 3 at FOSE

Women in STEM, paper-based thinking, GWAC updates and a framework for cybersecurity hiring.

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Public-private group envisions 'acquisition of the future'

AOF brings together government and industry in an effort to chart a new course for acquisition overhaul efforts.