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State Department IG weighs in on broader email concerns

Report offers seven recommendations "to improve the use of record emails by Department of State employees and mission staff members."

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Why Internet voting remains a risky proposition

A Lawrence Livermore expert details the many ways online elections could be corrupted.

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How not to drown in your agency's data

A new case study details the Education Department's efforts to get ahead of data disclosure challenges.

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Will Census be ready for Internet response in 2020?

The Census Bureau hasn't established a time frame for its cloud computing plans, including testing for scalability, security, and privacy protection, as well as determining a budget for cloud services.

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FOIA scorecard, an NSA lawsuit, USPTO's new director and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

E-mail circling the globe

Clinton says she regrets not using .gov address

There are still lingering questions about the former secretary of State’s use of a private email address and server.

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Clinton's printed emails a headache for archivists

Printed emails aren't searchable, don't retain all metadata and aren't necessarily threaded in a way that gives a chronological account of an exchange.

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NHTSA can't get on the road again

Implementing a new crash-data system requires travel that the highway safety agency says it can't afford.

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Exploring the next wave of IT cost cutting

By applying a long-term mindset to strategic cost-saving initiatives, agencies can reshape how IT supports mission delivery.

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Peering into the cyber future

A new IARPA program looks to fund technology that can anticipate rather than react to cyber threats.

Cybersecurity research

Fast track for cyber hiring, UK hacker and DHS prizes

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

compass innovation

When government is the innovator

Not every great technology starts in Silicon Valley.

The 2015 Federal 100

Meet 100 women and men who are doing great things in federal IT.