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Senate panel approves IT, cyber legislation

FITARA, FISMA updates and a cybersecurity consolidation bill now move to the full Senate, as does the nomination of Shaun Donovan to head OMB.

Terry Halvorsen

Halvorsen echoes Rogers’ call to complete JIE

The Pentagon’s acting CIO offers some blunt talk on how best to deploy a department-wide IT platform.

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Senior DHS official weighs in on cyber legislation

Larry Zelvin, director of the National Cyber and Communications Integration Center, says DHS needs more clarity on its role in scanning other agencies’ networks for cyber threats.

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Four to six teams expected to bid on Defense health record effort

Military health care providers detailed their needs to industry in advance a decade-long multi-billion electronic health record procurement, while inside DOD an effort is underway to improve current data to pave the way for a new provider.

You can lead a horse to data . . .

The goal of a NASA lecture and lab series is to lower the point of entry for people trying to access data, and to teach them how to use it.

Michael Rogers

NSA's Rogers: JIE crucial to cyber defense

The Defense Department's move to a Joint Information Environment can't come soon enough for National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers.

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A closer look at 'Map of the World'

As NGA's geodata platform matures, hopes for payoffs rise.

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NOAA embraces the business of big data

Building on a February RFI, NOAA has put together its big data partnership business model, mapping out a way for government and industry to take government data to the next level.

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Data mashups on a military scale

With threats growing more sophisticated, the Navy wants ideas on how to unify its troves of data.

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Continuous monitoring: Closer than you think

Many agencies are using a patch management tool that can be a powerful ally in the quest for continuous monitoring.

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SAIC looks to make cyber services easier to buy

A new cybersecurity consulting service bets on simplicity and automation.

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FDA backs off regulating medical device data systems

The Food and Drug Administration is treating the data systems and IT infrastructure that capture information from medical devices as low-risk, as a way to encourage innovation.