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Another Windows XP vulnerability exposed

Cybersecurity firm Qualys estimated that more than 10 percent of computers used in government and corporations worldwide still use the OS, which Microsoft stopped supporting three weeks ago.

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Big data policy preview reveals equity concerns

“We need to pay careful attention to what unexpected outcomes the use of big data might lead to, and how to remedy any unintended discrimination or inequality that may result," according to presidential advisor John Podesta, who is heading up a White House policy review.

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Intel probes the private-sector side of open government data

A common thread of the various projects is that they look at social or business problems addressed by large-scale institutions and look to disrupt them through crowdsourcing and data.

Sandia National Labs researcher Ann Speed

How Sandia researchers get inside TSA employees' heads

The national lab is applying cognitive psychology and neuroscience to the field of airport security.

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How analytics are changing health care

Medical innovators show how better records and advanced algorithms can transform treatment.

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Navy calibration patent goes commercial

Under a cross-licensing agreement, American Technical Services will commercialize the system, while the Navy obtains a license to use ATS software.

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IBM gears up for Pentagon health push

With a major electronic health records procurement looming, IBM is growing its federal health IT footprint.

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Newly minted data analysts in high demand

N.C. State's Institute for Advanced Analytics said 55 employers offered more than $22 million in salaries and signing bonuses to 75 job seekers from the class of 2014.

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NSA document details foreign intel databases

The intelligence agency delves into some details about how it collects, stores and accesses data but leaves many key questions unanswered.

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DOJ immigration databases in the dark

The Executive Office for Immigration Review suffered "a hardware failure," but removal proceedings are continuing backed by paper files.


NIST shares tool for vetting mobile apps

Open source project lets developers plug in their own tools for risk assessment.

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Two IRS IT projects on hold

A GAO report on the tax agency's budget says a pair of tech programs have fallen victim to spending cuts.