concept art for cloud services

2 questions to ask before diving into infrastructure-as-a-service

Well-designed IaaS deployments can allow failures to happen without the customer and their users noticing.

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New bill would elevate IG pay, authority

The legislation aligns with changes supported by the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency.

computer network

ICE seeks new case management system

The push to get a new system in place by September 2015 comes as ICE is digging its way out of an abandoned effort with Raytheon to replace an aging, Cobol-based system.


Study: Pentagon fuel supply at risk of hack

The use of unsecured networks to oversee many aspects of military logistics raises the possibility of malware attacks.

Tom Simmons, Citrix

Work: It's what you do, not where you do it

In the ongoing quest to save money, many agencies are turning to flexible, communal office space -- and are redefining work in the process.

Customs station at border crossing between US and Mexico

House panel probes delays in border enforcement system

The modernization effort is running into a familiar problem: trying to update legacy tech while simultaneously keeping the system running.

Internet of Things_man with globe and dollars

How the speed of technological change can be an opportunity

Former USDA CIO Chris Smith, now AT&T's vice president of technology, says government is coping reasonably well but could do more to lead.

Carr Phillips

IT strategy for contractors in the era of budget cuts

Agencies are all too familiar with budget-driven belt-tightening. Here’s how the private sector is adapting.

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NASA has 'significant problems' with $2.5B IT contract

An IG report blames poor implementation by HP and inconsistent oversight by NASA as major obstacles to fulfilling the contract.


Northrop Grumman gets US-CERT deal

The indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract could be worth as much as $350 million over five years.

NSA protest in front of Capitol

Intell officials stand fast on surveillance

The bulk collection program was described as "low probability but high impact" by one witness, while an industry official warned of the economic consequences of a loss of trust in the U.S. tech sector.

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Hill report skewers agencies' cybersecurity practices

Some of the most troubling issues have been at DHS, the agency charged with leading federal cybersecurity efforts.