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Report: Plummeting morale threatens government output

The 2013 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey paints a picture of federal workers disheartened by furloughs, pay freezes and budget uncertainty.

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Go open to transform legacy systems

Open-source service-oriented architecture can unlock the door to modernizing the government's legacy capabilities.

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OPM telework report highlights government progress

Although the number of federal teleworkers has risen to 300,000, that's still less than one-third of those eligible to do so.

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Boosting IT employee engagement

IT managers can improve retention and productivity by focusing on these four drivers of employee engagement.

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DHS gets first 'clean' audit

An independent auditor also found that the department's IT controls were among the significant deficiencies.

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White House, oversight panel battle over contractor documents

Congressional overseers are continuing their efforts to get a handle on the reasons behind the buggy launch of and on the site's overall costs.

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VA still mum on IT security questions

When given the opportunity at a private briefing to respond to assessments and criticisms of the department's IT security posture, VA officials declined to comment.

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No split between NSA and Cyber Command

Despite task force recommendations, the White House makes clear that Alexander's successor will play both roles.


Losing the tech talent sweepstakes

A new report says compensation and culture are the biggest obstacles keeping the government from hiring the best and brightest technology professionals.

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Defense bill leaves IT management in limbo

Some of the legislative proposals are in conflict with reorganization plans unveiled earlier this month by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

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Sebelius orders probe of website contracting

The HHS secretary is also calling for the creation of a chief risk officer position at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services tasked with reducing risks associated with major policy initiatives.


Experts debate value of reverse auctions

Addressing fees and the need for oversight and guidelines would help avoid what one lawmaker called the trap of 'making it up as we go along.'