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IT a big reason Congress is pondering a private air traffic control system

While the safety record of the FAA-operated air traffic control system leads the world, stakeholders are concerned about the slow pace of technological upgrades.

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Survey: 'Always-on' mindset slow to penetrate government

A new survey of federal IT professionals found that 51 percent need a day or more to find and fix app performance problems.

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Why acquisition reforms fall short

After two decades of good intentions, it's time for an enterprise strategy for IT acquisition and management.

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Why it’s time for a town hall meeting

Interactive, regularly scheduled meetings are the best way to share information with employees and address their concerns.

Rising Star 2013

Looking for future leaders

Rising Star awards honor individuals doing great things today -- and who are likely to be filling the senior slots tomorrow.

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A few agencies need to up their game on records

All agencies are required to designate a senior official at the assistant secretary level to oversee records management policy, but not all have.

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Air Force makes more NETCENTS-2 awards

Twenty firms named to $7.9 billion network operations and infrastructure solutions contract.

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Painful hiring keeps tech talent at bay (but does money matter?)

Government needs more talented techies. Is low pay keeping them away, or is it the snail's pace – and tortured process – of federal hiring that's turning them off?

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Drone pilot training, DISA's big cyber contract, fed feedback, and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

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Is OPM's big hiring decision all it's cracked up to be?

Excepted-service hiring authority is a welcome tool for some agencies, but it's temporary relief in the ongoing struggle to snatch up digital services talent — and it has been a long time coming.

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Wanted: concrete steps toward culture change. Can MOC deliver?

ACT-IAC's "Management of Change" conference will try to pin down the un-pinnable: a culture of innovation.

CBP mobile sensor tower near Nogales, Ariz.

CBP needs better data picture from border tech

"You can't manage what you can't measure," was the message delivered by Sen. Tom Carper.

The 2015 Federal 100

Meet 100 women and men who are doing great things in federal IT.