Experts debate value of reverse auctions

Addressing fees and the need for oversight and guidelines would help avoid what one lawmaker called the trap of 'making it up as we go along.'

Michael Basla AF CIO

Air Force strengthens CIO role

The CIO will have more influence on IT strategy and budgeting, and the Air Force will move some of its components to DOD's enterprise email.

Aerial view of the NNSA

Nuclear weapons facility upgrades resource management system

By using PeopleSoft, the Texas facility’s application could serve as a baseline for integration across the National Nuclear Security Administration.

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Report: Sequester cuts worse the second time around

A new report from the Center for American Progress warns about the impact of the next round of sequester cuts on federal programs, including IT.

PortfolioStat Status Check

A PortfolioStat progress report

The Office of Management and Budget launched PortfolioStat last year to help 26 major agencies identify and reduce duplicative IT investments. Here's how they’re doing.

SkySeer UAV

FAA regs render Forest Service drones flightless

The aircraft were bought six years ago to monitor marijuana fields, but can't get off the ground.

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Leading tech firms seek stronger surveillance rules

Open letter urges Congress and the president to ensure U.S. surveillance efforts are "restricted by law, proportionate to the risks, transparent and subject to independent oversight."

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GAO: Take account of reverse-auction growth

GAO recommends issuing governmentwide guidance aimed at helping agencies maximize competition and savings when using reverse auctions.

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Pentagon exploring methods to mitigate insider threats

The Defense Department wants contractors to offer up ideas on combatting espionage, sabotage, treason and terrorism.

Stephen Warren

Congress still awaiting IT security answers from VA

Hill sources say the House Veterans' Affairs Committee has received only a single response to its multitude of inquiries.

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Telework Week 2014 aims higher

The Mobile Work Exchange wants to exceed 2013's record number of 112,000 federal employee participants.

Michael Hettinger

Financial management and freedom of choice

An industry spokesman argues that an official preference for federal shared service providers will hurt the agencies hoping to consolidate.