Rep. Lee Terry, R-Neb.

New bill would demand detailed data

Legislation would require state-by-state statistics, and put a price tag on the cost of the "tech surge" being conducted to fix the site.


DHS debuts virtual training, improved app for first responders

New tools encourage collaboration and cost-effective training.

U.S. Troops at the Airport - U.S. Army file photo

Military trusted traveler program spreads to more airports

TSA's expedited screening procedures for active duty troops will be expanded 10-fold before Christmas, in part by getting rid of card scanners.

Henry Chao, testifying before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in November 2013

Consultants warned administration about flawed business plan

Top officials were alerted to the potential for serious problems six months before the troubled site’s Oct. 1 launch.

FirstNet logo

FirstNet seeking Northern Virginia home

The nationwide wireless network for first responders is "ramping up quickly" and is also eyeing office space in Colorado for its technical staff.

Who's getting it right?

The Defense Department's mobile technology pilot programs provide a fast track for the use of smartphones and tablet PCs at the Pentagon and in the field.

Fixing IT

Can IT procurement be saved?

The problems with large federal IT projects are deep, broad and mostly immune to quick fixes. So what's to be done?

Andreas Grabner

Diagnosing's performance issues

The website's continuing troubles show why agencies must rethink system testing.

Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites - NOAA

Review team recommends ‘gap-filler’ satellite program

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration needs to begin work immediately to help mitigate a pending gap in polar-orbiting weather satellite coverage.


Affiliation rules muddy small business contracting waters

As Congress asks questions about small business status, acquisition experts say inter-firm associations are the real issue.

President Obama speaks to the press about IT procurement and

President puts IT procurement in the spotlight

Best practices, clear lines of authority would have saved, say former officials -- and most reforms could be made under current law.

diagram of work team

The need for strategic IT workforce planning

Contending with IT talent risks in today's budget-constrained environment is critical and demands a focused approach.