Navigating the Cloud report cover

SAM, the cloud, and the new environment

Cloud computing presents new challenges to software asset management, so SAM strategies should be adapted to fit the nature of individual agency networks.

hands and cloud

IBM passes FedRAMP muster

Big Blue becomes the 10th certified cloud provider.

worried man finances

Tallying the cost of the shutdown

OMB report counts lost work hours, salaries paid to idle workers and details the effects of the shutdown on government programs.

data abstract

NOAA's satellite data hub will be a 'one-stop shop' for priority users

A project under NOAA's National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service would change the way priority users can access satellite data, making it much more useful.

bug alert

10 bugs you might have missed

There's even more to the Obamacare launch's stumbles than you know.


Pondering the pros and cons of an ID hub

A single federated ID would make tracking, verifying and authenticating identities easier, but it also could make the public nervous, said some IT managers participating in the hub project.

Kathleen Sebelius

Sebelius dials back expectations on 'tech surge'

During congressional testimony, Kathleen Sebelius warned that the needed improvements to are too numerous to address completely in a short time.

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GAO: More savings to be had in PortfolioStat

Audits suggest the government is not making the most of existing IT savings initiatives or its largest legacy investments.

US Capitol

DATA Act, IT consolidation bill advance in Senate

One bill would make it easier to track federal spending; the other would continue ongoing efforts to reduce the number of data centers the government maintains.

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Automated collision prevention: On the way or out of reach?

Technology that would enable vehicles to avoid impending crashes has moved into the real-world test stage, but creation of the massive wireless communications network required to make such a system work remains a major roadblock.

information sharing report

How to share information

A new report outlines 16 elements that contribute to data-sharing capability.

We The People screengrab

We The People expands its reach

With a new API, citizens can now import petition signatures from other websites to the official White House petition site.