cloud concept with man in suit

'The end of hype for cloud'

The next step in making the most of cloud services is establishing effective acquisition strategies for federal agencies.


Lawmakers propose 3.3% federal pay hike

Although the measure stands little chance of becoming law, it provides a rhetorical launching pad for Democrats who accuse the GOP of demonizing federal workers.

Shipping containers in port. (Shutterstock image)

CBP’s cargo data system takes next step

The Automated Commercial Environment is set to be fully in place by the end of 2016 and will replace CBP’s legacy import/export data systems.

The Navy

Software problems slow F-35 program

Delays could hurt the Joint Strike Fighter's capabilities even as the planes enter the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps fleets.

computer network

NFV: Turning network activities into software

Network functions virtualization promises to save time and money by running components such as firewalls and intrusion detection as virtual machines.

health insurance form

McKinsey to consult with IRS on health care law IT

The IRS has its own IT office dedicated to compliance, but wants help dealing with a flurry of new releases due by 2016.

man studying data

'To purge or not to purge'

Trying to determine when spy agencies are required to dispose of data is something of a mystery, even to them.

gold shield on top of computer code

Filling in the blanks on GSA's cyber-response campus

Experts say cyber-response consolidation is a laudable goal, but warn that it is also fraught with potential problems.

room of computers

Justice IG finds fault with encryption practices

An audit ripped the U.S. Attorneys’ office for failing to secure laptops and tablets holding sensitive information.


Getting beyond 'random acts of mobility'

While government can see the potential of mobile, lack of coordination is a recipe for failure, says HP Enterprise Services executive Bryan Coapstick.

Management abstract

The fundamentals of IT program management

Although there are countless opportunities to go astray when developing agencywide IT projects, most troubled programs make major mistakes right out of the starting block.

man graphs performance

Acquisition environment 'is receptive to new ideas'

Feds hope to make a virtue of necessity by overhauling the acquisition landscape in response to stagnant IT budgets.