Federal data breaches: How long is too long to inform victims?

Informing potential victims of a data breach as early as possible seems like a sensible policy, but it's not that easy.

House to press agencies on customer service

A bill, expected to pass this week, would make it mandatory for agencies to factor customer service into employee appraisals.

Do small-business preferences make the grade?

Agencies labor mightily to hit small-business contracting targets, but the emphasis on score cards overshadows some larger questions about set-asides.

Becky Nolan: Making her mark on the IT community

Becky Nolan talks about her most important accomplishments and the lessons she’s learned during her decades-long career at AFCEA.

Obama's sequestration report delayed

The administration says it needs more time to figure out the details on across-the-board budget cuts set to take effect in January, but the report itself expected to contain few surprises.

Found in translation: How one person unites a leadership team

An agency's business leaders speak a different language than its technology heads, but to accomplish the agency's mission goals they must communicate. At the intersection of these contentious constituents there is often one person providing translation.

Is open government open enough?

Federal agencies have released mountains of data since 2009. Now the push is to encourage broader use of all that data -- and to create real value and impact.

Council steps up importance of contractor performance in proposed rule change

Regulators want to change the rules for documenting contractor past performance, with an eye in particular to the treatment of subcontractors.