Alan Balutis

Why career feds are needed now more than ever

The increasingly complicated issues facing agencies are not a good fit for short-term appointees, writes Cisco's Alan Balutis.

Steve Kelman

The best approach to management: Tough love

In a recent study, columnist Steve Kelman found that the best performance comes from a mix of hard and soft management styles.

John Monroe

No need to rush the transition to the cloud

The Defense Authorization bill makes it even more important for federal acquisition officials to learn how to craft sound cloud procurements.

John Monroe

Why can't the government manage its workforce?

The budget battles of 2011 made it clear that the federal government needs to align its workforce with its mission.

Alan Balutis

The supercommittee's 'do nothing' path to success

Think the so-called supercommittee failed? Columnist Alan Balutis says you should think again.

John Monroe

After the executive order: Will IT devices prove their worth?

President Obama's Nov. 9 executive order has a clear intent: To limit the number of IT devices.

Steve Kelman

A new idea for encouraging vendors to help agencies save money

Steve Kelman proposes that agencies offer extra points to bidders who suggest money-saving ways to change draft solicitations.

John Monroe

Innovation vs. austerity: Who wins?

VanRoekel's innovation strategy might not be enough to counter the effects of the coming budget cuts. But then again, maybe it will.

Alan Balutis

CIOs: Agents of change in a hostile world

When you consider the challenges CIOs face, it's a wonder they last even two years in the job, says columnist Alan Balutis.

Alan Balutis

Why reaction to 'IT cartel' comment misses the point

Columnist Alan Balutis is surprised that no one seemed alarmed by Kundra's first assertion: That government wastes billions on IT.

Steve Kelman

How to prime feds for better performance

Columnist Steve Kelman says agencies should join the quick-experiment revolution that is spreading through the private sector.

The ideal CIO? Not a tech geek

Mark Forman and Paul Brubaker take issue with OMB's recent efforts to redefine the role of agency CIOs, saying they undermine the intentions of the Clinger-Cohen Act.

The 2015 Federal 100

Meet 100 women and men who are doing great things in federal IT.