5 steps to making the cloud a reality

Former OMB official Mark Forman asks how much creative destruction agencies are willing to embrace.

Penny-pinching strategies sprout from collaboration

The acquisition community is percolating with ideas for reducing costs, writes GSA's Mary Davie.

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Women taking charge

One of the first things that struck me when I arrived here and began meeting people in the technology shops that FCW covers was the number of women in positions of prominence and power.

4 programs that collect innovative ideas from government employees

Some of the best ideas for improving government might come from within government, writes IBM's John Kamensky.

6 core capabilities that acquisition workers need

Any plans to insource must include efforts to rebuild the acquisition workforce, writes Peter Tuttle.

Hurry up and wait

Government is always trying to play catch-up with technology. And Apps.gov's foray into cloud computing is no different.

The case for pay for performance

A review of academic research finds tying compensation to metrics can pay off, writes columnist Steve Kelman.

Baseball and acquisition have a lot in common, for better or worse

Intensified oversight undermines support for procurement staff, writes columnist Bill Gormley.

Maximum benefit

The idea that the operations of government should be driven by the same motive as private enterprise is fallacious on the face of it, but that’s not to say that government agencies should not run more efficiently.

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Marines' social-media ban is bad for morale

Rather than telling troops to get off Twitter and Facebook, the military should educate them about security.