Ted Schadler

Why the blurry work/life boundary is not a bad thing

Individuals who can manage the many facets of their personal lives while getting their work done are more likely to be productive employees, writes Ted Schadler, a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research.

Dennis McDonald

Are smart phones bad for collaboration?

We might be entering a new Tower of Babel age in which the proliferation of devices and standards makes it harder, not easier, to collaborate, writes consultant Dennis McDonald.

Steve Kelman

Use goals to motivate employees

Managers should embrace performance measurement as a way to improve their organizations from the inside, writes Steve Kelman.

Alan Balutis

Saying goodbye to colleagues

The government community and the public lost several inspirational leaders this past winter, writes Alan Balutis.

Rising to the challenge of mapping health data

Brand Niemann offers inspiration and tips for analyzing and integrating the reams of health data available online.

Getting government datasets to talk the same language

Brand Niemann explains how and why we should make data universally accessible on the Semantic Web.

How to move from datasets to data services

Brand Niemann challenges agencies to follow the data science approach and make all their data available for filtering and downloading in three easy clicks.

Mark Madsen

5 steps to effective Gov 2.0 initiatives

Consultant Mark Madsen shows agencies how to turn social media into a powerful tool that can support larger organizational goals.

Brand Niemann

Empower feds to take on the cloud

Making federal cloud computing a reality could be as simple as letting government workers do their own IT, writes Brand Niemann.

Steve Kelman

The dangers of a 'colorblind' workplace

Efforts to ignore racial differences in the workplace can make it harder for people to work together, writes Steve Kelman.

Marc Demarest

Data overload threatens with rise of smart tech and real-time sensors

The government needs to get smart about handling the coming flood of real-time, sensor-based data, writes consultant Marc Demarest.

Stanton Sloane

How outsourcing keeps America on top

Contractors are critical to our nation's history of successfully competing through innovation, writes SRA International President Stanton Sloane.

The 2015 Federal 100

Meet 100 women and men who are doing great things in federal IT.