Motivating workers is easier than you think

Private-sector researchers have recently uncovered a way to improve employee satisfaction that's within managers' control, writes John Kamensky.

Insourcing is about strategy, not numbers

Contractors help the government fill a critical gap, and that gap must be the central focus of any debate on insourcing and managing a blended workforce, writes Jaime Gracia.

Government 2.0, meet Citizen 2.0

The future of Government 2.0 might come not from federal agencies' use of social media but from grass-roots initiatives to bring government information into the sunlight.

Google Wave could crush the competition

Google Wave has the potential to be a uniquely valuable piece of software that can connect any enterprise that uses Web browsers, writes Chris Bronk.

A new job description for supervisors

The government's current retirement wave is an opportunity to revitalize the supervisory function, writes Steve Kelman.

Changing the game: First DNA, now info sharing

The automation of information sharing in law enforcement is running into the same kind of resistance that DNA tests once encountered.

Steve Kelman

Performance data: 'Use it or useless'

The Obama administration wants agencies to go beyond simply measuring performance to using the feedback on a daily basis, writes blogger Steve Kelman.

Retirees get back to work

Agencies' new authority to hire federal retirees for part-time government work is a win-win situation for government and employees, writes Judy Welles.

CISOs take center-stage

The nature of IT security matters — brought to high alert by episodic breaches and ongoing cyber threats — has raised the stakes and profiles of the government chief information security officer.

Customer service tips from developing countries

Other countries appear less constrained when developing new ideas for getting feedback, writes columnist Steve Kelman.

Work to rule

In the physics of the workplace, every management action there will be, by definition, an equal and opposite reaction on the part of employees. So what are we to make of the demise of the National Security Personnel System?

Empirical evidence can help inform debate about whether a management approach will improve government

Good empirical evidence about a phenomenon can help inform the debate about whether a management approach will improve government or not, Steve Kelman writes.