The ideal CIO? Not a tech geek

Mark Forman and Paul Brubaker take issue with OMB's recent efforts to redefine the role of agency CIOs, saying they undermine the intentions of the Clinger-Cohen Act.

Steve Kelman

The progress principle: How to keep employees on track

A new book's insights into productivity have important implications for supervisors, writes columnist Steve Kelman.

John Kamensky

4 lessons in the use of dashboards

Columnist John Kamensky shares new insights into how dashboards can help agencies boost program performance.

Doug Brown

Treat tech the way you treat people

Practices that make it easier for new employees to succeed can also apply to new technologies, columnist Douglas Brown writes.

CIOs gain responsibilities but still lose ground

A new OMB memo assumes that CIOs have the power to execute all the authorities granted to them, but GAO and CIOs themselves might beg to differ, writes columnist Alan Balutis.

Alan Balutis

CIO: Really, sincerely dead?

The CIO position in government continues to struggle, and tightening budgets make the situation worse, writes columnist Alan Balutis.

Steve Kelman

How agencies can cut contracting costs

As agencies tighten their belts, contracting is ripe for cost savings, writes columnist Steve Kelman.

Jaime Gracia

The hidden cost of strained government/industry relations

Despite efforts to foster dialogue, the relationship between government and industry seems to be on a downward spiral, writes consultant Jaime Gracia.

Steve Kelman

A practical guide to collaboration

A new book makes research into workplace collaboration accessible and useful.

Alan Balutis

How to unlock the potential of a mobile federal workforce

Fully realizing the benefits of telework will require a significant departure from current practice, writes Cisco's Alan Balutis.

John Kamensky

Want to be successful? Support your frontline managers.

Helping frontline managers get their jobs done is one of the most important activities for a leader, writes John M. Kamensky, a senior fellow at the IBM Center for the Business of Government.

Steve Kelman

How agencies can get the inside scoop on wasteful programs

The federal government should tap into the wisdom of feds to identify activities that are ripe for termination, writes Steve Kelman.

The 2015 Federal 100

Meet 100 women and men who are doing great things in federal IT.