Frank McDonough

NARA's digital archive falters as others soar

Consultant Frank A. McDonough offers three examples of electronic archives that outshine NARA's troubled effort to preserve government records.

Alan Balutis

Quick! Grab the org charts!

The president's call for a sweeping reorganization of the government creates a rare opportunity for real progress.

Dennis McDonald

Why best practices won't fix federal IT

By the time you document a best practice, the problem, event, process or solution will have changed, writes consultant Dennis McDonald, who offers a readily available alternative.

Steve Kelman

Can we radically improve service contract management?

Steve Kelman proposes an experiment to test ideas for improving service contracts.

Jaime Gracia

Bring accountability to contract protests

Government and industry need to take a new approach to procurement before bid protests spiral out of control, writes Jaime Gracia.

Alan Balutis

CIOs: The more things change…

Give OMB credit for trying to strengthen the CIO's role, but more dramatic steps are needed, writes Alan Balutis.

3 arguments for telework managed services

Managed services offer one way to avoid the network problems that can plague teleworkers, writes Tony Bardo, assistant vice president for government solutions at Hughes.

Steve Kelman

5 top management priorities for 2011

Columnist Steve Kelman identifies the Obama administration's best options for improving the management of government programs and operations.

Andrea DiMaio

5 necessary truths about Gov 2.0

Efforts to engage with the public might move to the back burner unless federal leaders can make them relevant to broader issues.

Alan Balutis

5 sure-fire bets for federal IT in 2011

In what promises to be a chaotic year for government, Alan Balutis presents five things you can count on happening in federal IT.

Chris Bronk

Tech innovation outpaces government's desire to change

Google's dispute with Interior is just a symptom of a much larger problem: The government still resists change, writes Chris Bronk.

Ted Schadler

How to empower your agency's heroes

With cloud services making it easy for employees to build their own solutions, it’s time for the tech staff to find a new role, writes Ted Schadler, vice president and principal analyst at consulting firm Forrester Research.

Operation Jump Start

FCW is proud to support this Feb. 9 event to help the soldiers of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom transition to civilian careers.