Richard Spires

IT infrastructure: The 4 big obstacles and 6 ways to fix them

If CIOs can drive five tactical changes — and get the leadership support to do so — federal IT can be transformed by 2018.

Catherine Howard

Addressing 'second-generation' gender bias

Women are woefully rare in IT management positions, and fixing that demands a concerted effort.

Brian Paget

5 factors to consider when selecting an open-source vendor

Open source solutions are at a key inflection point. That means huge opportunities for agencies, but also some important concerns.

capitol dome

IT management reform: It is time for new legislation

Legislation alone will not fix federal IT management, Richard Spires argues, but there are fundamental problems that a new statute can help address.

Andreas Grabner

Diagnosing HealthCare.gov's performance issues

The website's continuing troubles show why agencies must rethink system testing.

diagram of work team

The need for strategic IT workforce planning

Contending with IT talent risks in today's budget-constrained environment is critical and demands a focused approach.

Richard Spires

IT infrastructure: Critical for long-term success

Richard Spires considers the possibilities of consolidation — and the structural obstacles to overcome.

measurement tool

After HealthCare.gov, 5 questions worth asking

Thanks to HealthCare.gov, IT procurement, enterprise architecture and project management are the talk of the town.

Richard Spires

The HealthCare.gov rollout: What should we learn?

There are plenty of trouble spots that could have been avoided, Richard Spires argues. And they all boil down to shortfalls in program management.

Lisa Kazor

A world without competition

OMB's guidance for financial systems shortchanges commercial providers -- and could deny agencies a full range of choices.

Brian E. Finch

Beware the mobile threat

The attacks on mobile devices are multiplying and growing deviously creative, and recognizing that is the first step to better security.

light bulb

Want real innovation? Don't start from scratch!

The last thing federal IT needs is another 25-point plan. What's really required is some redefining.