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Cloud brokers make sense

The broker model is mutually beneficial for providers, agencies and taxpayers because it centralizes services and pricing.

Greg Mundell

What's good about the cloud broker/integrator model?

Cloud brokers can ease agencies' transition to the cloud and ensure that they reap the advantages of a dynamic marketplace.

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Adding performance and strategy to risk management

To meet VanRoekel's challenge, government must change the way it thinks about risk.

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Could the sequester make us smarter about security?

Agencies can achieve a much bigger bang for their precious bucks by investing in better management of existing security assets.

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Is an emphasis on compliance hampering IT security?

Top-level agency leaders are often unaware of the risks their agencies face -- and content to remain that way, argues NARA's CISO.

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Don't take your posse to your new job

Coming into an agency as the new sheriff in town is hard enough. Don’t make it worse by importing your inner circle.


Why not 'functionally better' instead of 'technically acceptable'?

IAC Chairman Dale Luddeke says fiscal pressures dictate that agencies get more from their acquisitions by shifting their focus from price to excellence.

Jim Soltys

The value of a 'home inspector' for IT acquisitions

In the manner of Confucius, agencies should admit what they don't know and consider having technology experts review acquisitions.

Michael Hettinger

The evolving role of the federal CIO

FITARA takes a good step toward giving CIOs more authority, but the legislation needs to go further.


Sequester's silver lining

Sequestration has redefined 'normal,' but agency leaders are beginning to recognize new kinds of opportunities in it.

Diana Gowen

Comment: Why the 'cloud broker' concept is broken

Does it make sense to establish third-party brokers to purchase services that agencies could buy directly? Diana Gowen says no.

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BYOD: Why managing devices is not enough

Federal agencies handle data that must be protected, and they are the targets of a determined subset of attackers, factors that make mobile devices and their data a particular challenge.