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Why does it take so long to fill top agency slots?

The Partnership for Public Service's John Palguta puts the current staffing efforts in perspective.

Anne Rung -- Commerce Department Photo

Acquisition community applauds Rung's new role

Chief acquisition officer brings a wealth of experience to her new position as head of governmentwide policy.

bills with tight belt

Davis to feds: Don't dodge the big decisions

Former congressman joins FAS' Davie to discuss IT and budget challenges for agency IT managers.

Bradley Manning

Whistleblowers then and now

What motivates a Bradley Manning, or someone else in a similar position, to release secret information?

Weekend Reading

Your essential catch-up of the week's news

In this edition: VA security worries, email aliases, GSA's next leader and solving a cryptology conundrum.

Mary Davie, GSA

GSA draws a homespun analogy for mobile

Mary Davie compares GSA's recently-announced wireless programs to a baseball game with food and easy fun.

illustration dollar sign in vise

Sequestration pushing agencies toward shared services

As much pain as Washington's budget clampdown is causing, it is also encouraging agencies to look harder for ways to economize.

Rising Star 2013

Rising Star nominations open

Nominate bright young federal employees, the up-and-comers, for this year's Rising Star awards.

Dan Tangherlini GSA image

Tangherlini turns to the long term

After serving as Mr. Fix-it in the wake of a scandal, the GSA administrator is talking 10-year goals and preparing to drop the 'acting' from his title.

four leaders

ACT-IAC picks new leaders

In adherence to the bylaws, this year's seconds-in-command advance to the top.

Danny Werfel

Werfel selects senior leaders at IRS

New team draws from Veterans Affairs, the Government Accountability Office and the IRS' own Large Business and International Division.

mentor and student

Could clearance rules put whistleblowers at risk?

An effort to streamline security clearance applications through easier reciprocity could bring some unintended consequences.