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What keeps federal CIOs up at night?

The latest TechAmerica CIO Survey reveals the effects of new budget realities, cyber vulnerabilities and the pressures of an aging workforce on agency CIOs.

CTO Todd Park

CTO talks tech role in fighting sex trade

A White House effort to stem the tide of child sex trafficking is beginning to get results, CTO says.

Tom Carper

In the Senate, a search for solutions

The new chairman of the Senate's key oversight committee is a welcome voice of reason as he seeks progress on complex budget and federal IT issues, including cybersecurity.

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CIOs seek best side of sequestration

Expanding on a CIO survey, IT leaders discuss budget constraints and the road ahead.

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First Lady gets behind veterans' IT training

The Information Technology Training and Certification Partnership prepares veterans for careers in IT.

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Harvard honors innovative programs

Harvard's Kennedy School recognizes programs from GSA, NARA and other agencies as among the most creative and effective.

Hurricane Sandy

FEMA and other agencies showcase successful mobility initiatives

Pro-telework conference details savings, flexibility as more agencies virtualize the workplace.

Arati Prabhakar

What do budget cuts mean for DOD's research arm?

DARPA's leader believes America may be on the cusp of a 'fundamental shift' in allocating funding for defense.

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How to spot a data scientist

The hottest job in tech has vague definitions, but the skills and aptitudes needed are clear. What does the future hold for this rapidly emerging field?

Sylvia Matthews Burwell - Photo Courtesy of the Walmart Foundation

Burwell confirmed for OMB

Burwell takes the reins at OMB as the administration attempts to sell its fiscal 2014 budget on Capitol Hill.

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DOD issues directive to define CIO role

The Defense Department has laid out the roles and responsibilities of the Pentagon's chief information officer, updating nearly decade-old governance to include some of DOD's most pressing concerns.

US Capitol

Congressman seeks answers on Spires

Lawmakers adds his voice to those demanding to know why the DHS CIO is on leave.