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Steve VanRoekel 102012

Healthcare.gov launch is a 'teachable moment,' says federal CIO

The conception and design of HealthCare.gov was 'bold' in a way that has not been widely appreciated, VanRoekel says.

pen and contract

ELC attendees split on FITARA

Whether the latest proposed acquisition reform bill is a boon or bane depends on whom you ask.

Michael Meskill

Michael G. Meskill: Taking USDA to the cloud

Thanks to Meskill, the Agriculture Department has joined the ranks of cloud service providers.

horse and buggy

HealthCare.gov becomes example for procurement criticism

'Horse and buggy-era' funding cited as part of the problem in federal acquisition.

Samantha Kott Kouril

Samantha Kott Kouril: Undaunted by challenge

Knowing little about IT didn't keep this Rising Star from accepting an internship at GSA, where she's now a project manager.

Jeh Johnson

Is Jeh Johnson ready for DHS' tech challenges?

President's pick to head the Department of Homeland Security has lots to learn about the sprawling agency.

Zients promises big improvements by Thanksgiving

"Let me be clear: Healthcare.gov is fixable," administration's point man for the fixes declares.

Army NIE networked soldier

Army's technology test-bed event facing changes

NIE start date delayed, as Army officials mull changes in focus and frequency going forward.

Jeffrey Zients

Zients to lead HealthCare.gov reboot

Former OMB acting director to manage "tech surge" promised by Obama, as Issa and other legislators demand answers.

Michael Metzger

Michael Metzger: Thriving on unpredictability

As special assistant to the Defense Department's deputy chief management officer, Metzger can spend one day working with Congress and the next day briefing top-level Pentagon officials on efforts to reform DOD's financial management.

Hetal Jain: Transportation's sustainability monitor

This honoree used an EPA-developed web tool to track information on DOT's teleworking, water use, energy use, employee travel, recycling, pollution and more.

Carolyn Harvey

Carolyn Harvey: Saving money for HUD at GSA

This Rising Star secured six key IT contracts -- and saved $7 million -- in the first six months in her new role.

The 2015 Federal 100

Meet 100 women and men who are doing great things in federal IT.