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hands and cloud

The cloud, simplified

Gartner futurist provides advice for agencies hoping to cut through the buzzwords.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss)

Rep. Thompson wants better answers from DHS on Spires

Ranking member of House Homeland Security Committee tells Napolitano her department's response was both late and insufficient.

Dan Tangherlini GSA image

Tangherlini picked to be permanent GSA administrator

After serving in an acting capacity for more than a year, Dan Tangherlini is the president's pick to take the role officially.

cyber attack button

Slow IT procurement hinders security

NSA official provides some ideas for new approaches to cybersecurity.

Steve VanRoekel 102012

VanRoekel takes on management in temporary OMB shift

Federal CIO will take over while a permanent replacement for Jeffrey Zients is found.

Big Data

Nate Silver: Big data's value is not in the data

Without good analysis, data can lead people down wrong roads.

schlosser presentation

Deputy federal CIO outlines future priorities

Security, procurement and management initiatives top the Obama administration's goals for federal IT.

Rick Holgate

Agencies address the 'people problems' of shared services

IT leaders discuss obstacles to buy-in, tactics for overcoming 'component-level resistance.'

measurement tool

Measuring what never happened

Determining the value of cybersecurity and risk management can be difficult. When not all the variables can be controlled, experts say more than simple math is required.

Danny Werfel

Werfel takes reins at IRS

OMB Controller will take acting role at tax agency as scandal unfolds.

aerial view of ORNL

Chertoff: Real-time tracking key to better network defense

Firewall-centric approaches are a 'Maginot line,' former DHS secretary warns -- tough perhaps, but useless once breached.

compass innovation

Can less money lead to more creativity?

Some agencies are finding that tightening budgets are leading to smarter IT choices and inspirations.