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distinguished warfare medal

DOD rethinks medal for cyber warriors

A new honor for personnel who contribute to war efforts from remote locations, such as drone pilots or those who fight in cyberspace, is ranked too highly, critics say.

woman teleworking outdoors

Telework Week sees participation surge

Annual event encouraging telework try-outs demonstrates enthusiasm, savings.

Ben Balter

'Baddest' innovation fellow goes to GitHub

Ben Balter has taken a position at the open software collaboration platform, maintaining a focus on government.

Naba Barkakati

Naba Barkakati: On your side

The chief technologist at GAO wants to dispel the notion that an audit is something to fear.

Excellence.gov Award

DOD servicemember website receives top 2013 Excellence award

ACT/IAC's awards program honors exemplary uses of technology in the government.

Guide dog

Increasing social media accessibility

Like service dogs, which assist the visually impaired in the physical world, technology exists to make websites more useful to people with disabilities. A new federal initiative seeks to accelerate and expand its use.

Dan Tangherlini at microphone

Tangherlini: Feds should take a lesson from their connected kids

The way today's children do their homework can provide some ideas for government innovation, GSA chief says.

Bob Woods

The value of tombstone thinking

It is easy to zero in on the activities that matter when you consider your accomplishments in terms of an epitaph, writes Bob Woods.

Sylvia Matthews Burwell - Photo Courtesy of the Walmart Foundation

Walmart Foundation exec to take reins at OMB

Obama expected to nominate Sylvia Matthews Burwell as budget director

Alec Ross

State's innovation advisor stepping down

Alec Ross announces his plan to leave the department on Twitter and Facebook, promises more details soon.

furloughed worker

Delegate lays blame for sequester

Washington D.C.'s non-voting member of Congress offers encouragement to federal employees, pledges support.

Roger Baker

VA departures open door to speculation

At least three people are rumored as likely to replace departing VA CIO Roger Baker. CTO Peter Levin, also stepping down, leaves another leadership role to be filled.