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audit paperwork

Cybersecurity's secret sauce: audits?

While a 'checklist' approach to cybersecurity is not effective, audits and compliance can be a tool for improvement.

payment made

House passes bill to keep paychecks coming

White House threatens to veto measure that would pay essential employees during shutdown.

young people working

What the shutdown says to the tech workforce

The shutdown is but one of several factors sending a discouraging message to the federal workforce, and to talented students and professionals who could be potential new hires.

revolving door

DDM nominee clears Senate committee

The next step for Beth Cobert is approval by the full Senate, which may not be possible until the shutdown is resolved.

sphere of binary data

Restoring trust, international response eyed to boost cybersecurity

To hear some insiders tell it, the state of U.S. security is in shambles, with Edward Snowden, digital adversaries and a lack of cybersecurity legislation chipping away. But hope that the mess can be cleaned up persists.

US Capitol

Shutdown delays vote on deputy director of management

Senate majority leader rules: No confirmation vote until budget impasse ends.

mentor and student

5 steps to better leadership

FCW has culled the best ideas from business schools for agency executives seeking to improve their game.

twitter graphic

7 feds to follow on Twitter

Following @stevenvDC is all well and good, but these agency IT leaders are truly taking part in the Twitter conversation.

empty conference room

Feds' speaking engagements fall victim to closure

As the shutdown unfolds, some events will be modified or even canceled. Here's a look at some early effects.

Ellis Burgoyne

From mail carrier to the C-suite

Ellis Burgoyne, who will retire on Oct. 1, was the first USPS employee to become its CIO.

man studying data

Gold in the data, but a shortage of miners

Universities are graduating only a fraction of the data scientists that federal agencies need.

revolving door

Two eyed for CIO posts at DHS, FEMA

DHS finds a replacement for Richard Spires, while FEMA welcomes a NASA veteran.