Who & Where

Katherine Archuleta

Archuleta confirmed to head OPM

The vote for what is normally an uncontroversial position was unusually partisan.

Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds: Connecting civilian and intell agencies

This Rising Star describes the flood of data he has to tame as akin to 'watching someone get hit with the water from a fire hose.'

eye through wall

NSA chief pushes back against legislative limits on data collection

Gen. Keith Alexander denies that spying efforts have gone too far.

Marlene Roush: Data science educator

As the rare person trained in mathematics, Roush teaches on campus and in the company conference room.

Irina Nguyen

Irina Nguyen: Bringing transparency to acquisition

As the Army continues to overhaul and streamline the ways it buys technology, one person is working behind the scenes to make the processes more transparent.

elc panel

Innovation Fellows describe their reality check

While progress is being made, agency buy-in can be an uphill battle.

Steve VanRoekel 102012

Healthcare.gov launch is a 'teachable moment,' says federal CIO

The conception and design of HealthCare.gov was 'bold' in a way that has not been widely appreciated, VanRoekel says.

pen and contract

ELC attendees split on FITARA

Whether the latest proposed acquisition reform bill is a boon or bane depends on whom you ask.

Michael Meskill

Michael G. Meskill: Taking USDA to the cloud

Thanks to Meskill, the Agriculture Department has joined the ranks of cloud service providers.

horse and buggy

HealthCare.gov becomes example for procurement criticism

'Horse and buggy-era' funding cited as part of the problem in federal acquisition.

Samantha Kott Kouril

Samantha Kott Kouril: Undaunted by challenge

Knowing little about IT didn't keep this Rising Star from accepting an internship at GSA, where she's now a project manager.

Jeh Johnson

Is Jeh Johnson ready for DHS' tech challenges?

President's pick to head the Department of Homeland Security has lots to learn about the sprawling agency.