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Arati Prabhakar

What do budget cuts mean for DOD's research arm?

DARPA's leader believes America may be on the cusp of a 'fundamental shift' in allocating funding for defense.

abstract head representing big data

How to spot a data scientist

The hottest job in tech has vague definitions, but the skills and aptitudes needed are clear. What does the future hold for this rapidly emerging field?

Sylvia Matthews Burwell - Photo Courtesy of the Walmart Foundation

Burwell confirmed for OMB

Burwell takes the reins at OMB as the administration attempts to sell its fiscal 2014 budget on Capitol Hill.

tech manager

DOD issues directive to define CIO role

The Defense Department has laid out the roles and responsibilities of the Pentagon's chief information officer, updating nearly decade-old governance to include some of DOD's most pressing concerns.

US Capitol

Congressman seeks answers on Spires

Lawmakers adds his voice to those demanding to know why the DHS CIO is on leave.

Bob Woods

Who cares about awards anyway?

If you think winning an award is gratifying, try nominating an unsung hero and see how good it feels when he or she wins.

Steve VanRoekel 102012

VanRoekel: More data coming from feds in fiscal 2014

CIO says open data unlocks opportunities for agencies and business alike.

Richard Spires

Spires situation raises questions, concerns about CIO authority

The dispute at DHS brings new attention to old questions concerning CIOs' budget and purchasing powers.

Richard Spires at HOGRC on 022713

Why Spires is on leave

One month later, the DHS CIO remains on paid personal leave. A fundamental disagreement over CIO authorities is at least part of the reason.

Chuck Hagel at budget hearing

DOD leaders defend planned workforce cuts

Citing a need for 'full flexibility,' Hagel and Dempsey explain their plans to a House panel.

Sylvia Matthews Burwell - Photo Courtesy of the Walmart Foundation

OMB nominee gets easy first hearing

Carper's committee shows bipartisan support for the likely next budget director.

tech manager

White House gears up for second 'hackathon'

Programmers keen to create new apps for the government's online petition system have another shot at it, but the deadline to apply is fast approaching.