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Big Data

Nate Silver: Big data's value is not in the data

Without good analysis, data can lead people down wrong roads.

Rick Holgate

Agencies address the 'people problems' of shared services

IT leaders discuss obstacles to buy-in, tactics for overcoming 'component-level resistance.'

measurement tool

Measuring what never happened

Determining the value of cybersecurity and risk management can be difficult. When not all the variables can be controlled, experts say more than simple math is required.

Danny Werfel

Werfel takes reins at IRS

OMB Controller will take acting role at tax agency as scandal unfolds.

aerial view of ORNL

Chertoff: Real-time tracking key to better network defense

Firewall-centric approaches are a 'Maginot line,' former DHS secretary warns -- tough perhaps, but useless once breached.

compass innovation

Can less money lead to more creativity?

Some agencies are finding that tightening budgets are leading to smarter IT choices and inspirations.

Evan Burfield

Is the old-school agency hierarchy doomed?

Agency org charts probably will look the same for a while, but experts from both the public and private sectors say the new rules of innovation and sharing are rapidly changing things.

VanRoekel at FOSE

Economic effects of open data policy still 'anecdotal'

At FOSE, VanRoekel touts examples and potential of open government efforts to date, while warning against letting commercial demands for federal data overwhelm the government's resources.


APIs help agencies say 'yes'

Census Bureau's approach to data garners singular praise at FOSE trade show.


OPM releases SES career positions list

As required by law, agencies have published their lists of senior executive positions that are limited to career federal employees.

Rick Holgate

What's next for digital government?

At FOSE, Rick Holgate and Gwynne Kostin outline the coming agenda for open data and other initiatives.

power lines at sunset

Can collaboration defend U.S. critical infrastructure?

NSA director hammers message that cyber-legislation, better standards are needed fast.