Arati Prabhakar

Pentagon tech challenge: Adjusting to an uncertain future

As budgets decline, Pentagon officials say innovation must take over as a driver for change.

Navy person using keyboard

Autonomic gets DOD FedRAMP OK

The first cloud provider to achieve compliance has now become the first to pass the additional security controls DOD requires.

broken lock

First thing we do, let's kill all the passwords

Citizen-facing systems struggle to balance security against usability.

UAV in flight

FAA's drone test plan leaves privacy to site operators

The six locations chosen to host tests of unmanned planes will be responsible for handling data the vehicles collect.

cloud concept with man in suit

DISA cloud contract deadline extended again

The Enterprise Storage Service II contract will be worth up to $427 million.


Judge: IBM gamed procurement system in CIA cloud bid

Unsealed court order says IBM 'manipulated its pricing' to provide grounds for a protest if it lost the contract.

worried man finances

Tallying the cost of the shutdown

OMB report counts lost work hours, salaries paid to idle workers and details the effects of the shutdown on government programs.

Edward Snowden

Independent board preparing NSA recommendations

The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board has completed its investigation and is readying its report.

large broadcasting antenna

Feds look to share spectrum for commercial broadband

Although a detailed, public-facing database of government spectrum use is not in the offing, the government is working to free up more bandwidth for commercial providers.


NIST to review cryptographic standards development process

Following the revelation of efforts by the National Security Agency to subvert NIST's work in developing cryptography standards, NIST will reconsider its methods and review its older work.

President Obama in the Oval Office (White House Photo)

Obama talks IT procurement

The HeathCare.gov debacle makes clear the importance of smart acquisition practices.

Lisa Kazor

A world without competition

OMB's guidance for financial systems shortchanges commercial providers -- and could deny agencies a full range of choices.