Anne Rung -- Commerce Department Photo

The pros and cons of shared services

Agencies providing common services bring a lot of benefits, but a few changes too.

data door

Intell community strives for better info sharing

Hurdles remain despite reaching important milestones, but solutions may be in sight.

capitol dome and bills

House Republicans stall on continuing resolution amid party strife

A bill to keep the government funded through mid-December has been pulled from the House schedule as Republicans wrangle over challenge on Obamacare.

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DOD to outpace NASA in funding for launches

A GAO analysis reveals that the Defense Department has its eyes on space.


DHS agencies can't wait for BPA

With a bid protest delaying department-wide strategic sourcing contract, two components move to strike their own deals.

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Is it time to reinvent acquisition?

Industry group calls for better workforce training and 'fundamental change' to the process.

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Outlook bleak for fiscal 2014 defense funding

Jobs, military assets, R&D and technological superiority are all at risk.

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NSA's long history of paying carriers for data

Recent revelations continue a decades-long trend, and some experts say the payments can serve as a restraint.

syria map

The other Syria debate: cyber weapons

A cyberattack on Syria could crash enemy systems, interfere with air defenses and spare civilian lives.

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Why the budget outlook is even worse than you think

Here are 8 reasons why Congress' efforts to fund the government are doomed to dysfunction.


A contracting how-to for agency leaders

The IBM Center for the Business of Government releases a guide for executives.

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Intel community IT spending exceeds that of many agencies

The 17 agencies within the intelligence community spend more money on enterprise IT systems alone than most agencies do on IT altogether.