empty DC warehouse

GSA getting out of the warehouse business

The move won't affect distribution of IT goods "at this point," but speaks to the agency's push for more-agile acquisition.

data center

A new goal for data center consolidation?

The latest figures on data center closures will be made public the first week of March.

elements of customer satisfaction

Website problems drive drop in satisfaction with government

Only Internet service providers got a lower rating than the government in the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index survey, and federal websites bear much of the blame.

Videogame Control

Can acquisition be improved through fun and games?

ASI Government's Lisa Akers argues that the real potential is in training and developing critical thinking.

cartoon image of workers leaving

Defense, DHS, VA drive rise in federal employment

Three national-security related departments accounted for 77 percent of the total government-wide increase in compensation from 2004 to 2012.

data door

Report: White House seeks to defang transparency bill

The chief Senate supporter of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act says the proposed changes are unacceptable, and he is backed by open-government advocates.

gold shield on top of computer code

GSA, DOD team up to bolster cyber protections

Acquisition reform did not get any attention during the State of the Union address, but that doesn't mean reform efforts are off the agenda.

Soda Spill - Shutterstock Image

What feds can learn from Coca-Cola's data breach

The beverage giant's breach, which involved a former employee stealing laptops with unencrypted data, is a teachable moment for federal agencies.

Agile Development Stock Image

Agencies and Agile: How to make it work

A new report helps agency leaders understand what the popular approach to software development can offer complex government projects.

Rep. Gerald Connolly

Connolly, Eshoo float new Digital Government Office for critical IT projects

Draft legislation would dramatically alter the job currently held by Todd Park.

lock globe and fiber optics

Supply-chain rules could blindside vendors

Some contractors could be excluded from working with the Pentagon without knowing they have been excluded, an industry group says.

keyhole digital

What does NSA fallout mean for cyber?

Aside from addressing immediate privacy concerns, the president’s overhaul plan will set precedents to be applied to future cybersecurity operations.