worried man finances

Tallying the cost of the shutdown

OMB report counts lost work hours, salaries paid to idle workers and details the effects of the shutdown on government programs.

Edward Snowden

Independent board preparing NSA recommendations

The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board has completed its investigation and is readying its report.

large broadcasting antenna

Feds look to share spectrum for commercial broadband

Although a detailed, public-facing database of government spectrum use is not in the offing, the government is working to free up more bandwidth for commercial providers.


NIST to review cryptographic standards development process

Following the revelation of efforts by the National Security Agency to subvert NIST's work in developing cryptography standards, NIST will reconsider its methods and review its older work.

President Obama in the Oval Office (White House Photo)

Obama talks IT procurement

The HeathCare.gov debacle makes clear the importance of smart acquisition practices.

Lisa Kazor

A world without competition

OMB's guidance for financial systems shortchanges commercial providers -- and could deny agencies a full range of choices.

data door

Shutdown delays open data deadlines, raises API questions

VanRoekel, Energy Department's Bectel say data feeds should be deemed essential.

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Procurement officials explain new normal to contractors

'Adult conversations' needed to make some see budget realities of the next few years.

cloud concept with man in suit

IBM steps back from CIA deal

With IBM's withdrawal of its request for an injunction, its battle with AWS might be at an end.

pen and contract

ELC attendees split on FITARA

Whether the latest proposed acquisition reform bill is a boon or bane depends on whom you ask.

open eye and data

CDM contracts could open door to more efficient security monitoring

Continuous diagnostics and mitigation changes the government's approach to cybersecurity.

data abstract

Feds should formalize architecture, chief architect says

Every agency has an enterprise architecture, and Scott Bernard believes some attention to those strategic plans could improve the government's ability to share services between agencies.