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Senator aims to boost use of stolen-passport database

Sen. Charles Schumer’s proposal would block countries from the visa waiver program if they don’t use Interpol’s travel document service.

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U.S. to cede control of Internet naming system

When ICANN's contract to manage the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority expires at the end of September 2015, the function will be switched to a private, stakeholder-based group.

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NOAA budget boost focused on data

The largest request for NOAA's five offices is the National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service, which would get an increase of about $165 million over fiscal 2014.

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Will more money for VA fix the IT 'deficiencies'?

Fiscal 2015 budget request would boost funding for IT security, but legislators have their doubts.

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Financial system for HealthCare.gov lags

In January, the government warned of the potentially dire consequences if the financial management back end of HealthCare.gov were not up and running by mid-March. Mid-March has arrived, and the system has not yet been built.

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20 big-dollar IT budgets

Most of the biggest spending proposals are in the fiscal 2015 budget are agency-wide enterprise or infrastructure projects.

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OPM lays out IT recruiting plan

The effort includes assessing performance through a new automated system set to launch this year.

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Budget request for classified IT climbs 14 percent

Difference between budget request and IT Dashboard data suggests $6.15 billion for fiscal 2015.