rainy day

Shutdown prospect puts weather forecasts in doubt

NOAA is still trying to decide which personnel would be subject to furlough.


3 questions to ask on every procurement

A federal contractor offers his view of how agencies can streamline the procurement process and get the solutions they need from industry.

capitol dome and bills

4 goals for fiscal 2014

Not all the news since last October has been bad, but everyone in federal IT just endured 12 straight months of meat-cleaver spending cuts, multiple shutdown threats and the severe restrictions on strategic planning that come with continuing resolutions.

contract signing

Firm files second OASIS protest

After having its first protest rejected, Aljucar, Anvil-Incus & Co. is taking another shot.

US Capitol

Congress wants answers on clearance for alleged Navy Yard killer

The congressional inquiry joins other investigations launched after the deadly shooting rampage.

vacant desk

GSA encourages mobility to reduce real estate needs

Total Workplace program will modernize the federal workforce while reducing costs for office space and energy, GSA argues.

capitol dome and bills

OMB tells agencies to prepare for possible shutdown

Memo from Sylvia Mathews Burwell includes guidance on IT systems, contracts and other key questions.

contract signing

5 contracts to watch

Some IT procurement deals are bigger than others, not just in terms of dollars, but also in their implications and precedents for agencies and contractors. Here are five that bear watching.

John Boehner

House to take up budget stopgap that defunds Obamacare

Repealing, or at least delaying, the health care reform law remains a key priority for House Republicans.


Trusted ID programs garner $7 million in NIST grants

Five organizations working to develop and pilot identity protection and verification systems have earned a funding boost.

price illustration

IT pricing policies are dinosaurs, say contractors

An industry group objects to the price reduction clause in GSA Schedule contracts.

computer and network

DHS, IG spar about social media policy

Department privacy officials argues that some IG policy recommendations are unrealistic and would be ineffective.