Keith Alexander, DOD photo

Is Cyber Command ready to stand on its own?

Alexander's planned retirement offers a chance to reorganize, but the changes required are anything but simple.

Frank Kendall

DOD issues new acquisition guidelines

The Pentagon's acquisition system remains largely unchanged, but the new guidance is designed to improve the critical early phases of the acquisition cycle.

Richard Spires

IT infrastructure: The 4 big obstacles and 6 ways to fix them

If CIOs can drive five tactical changes — and get the leadership support to do so — federal IT can be transformed by 2018.

E-mail circling the globe

NARA looks to bring agency records into the 21st century

NARA's goal is to simplify the process for transferring agency records to the archive.

audit paperwork

GAO: NASA needs to reflect IT investments in EA

NASA officials said their failure to comply with the PortfolioStat directive does not translate to a lack of oversight.

Bill Dougan, NFFE

NFFE's Dougan on shutdowns, IT hiring

The National Federation of Federal Employees president is predicting another shutdown come January.

Brian Paget

5 factors to consider when selecting an open-source vendor

Open source solutions are at a key inflection point. That means huge opportunities for agencies, but also some important concerns.

Social Media Tree

Social media: The next generation of archiving

Agencies have gotten into the habit of archiving email, but now they face the task of preserving another category of electronic documents: social media communications.

capitol dome

IT management reform: It is time for new legislation

Legislation alone will not fix federal IT management, Richard Spires argues, but there are fundamental problems that a new statute can help address.

Telecom networks abstract

GSA claims big savings from Networx

$678 million in 2013 savings were realized by consolidating purchases and leveraging federal buying power, the program's manager says.

soldier using tablet pc

At Pentagon, it's more mobile with less money

Tighter budgets are forcing leaders to find creative ways to upgrade their technology.

IT Trust Curve Infographic

Global study reveals lack of IT preparedness

In the public sector, 59 percent of respondents said funding was the biggest limiting factor in their organization’s tech project success.