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The future of global cyber policies

As the world increasingly relies on the Internet as part of critical infrastructure, policies to govern cyberspace are beginning to emerge in numerous countries. A Brookings Institution report illuminates and analyzes them, with an eye toward their effects on the broader globalized Internet society.


IBM seeks stay on court's ruling over CIA contract

IBM wants to ensure AWS's latest triumph in the battle to build the CIA's cloud platform is short-lived.

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Bill would rein in NSA's bulk data collection

Proposed restrictions are expressly intended to cramp the NSA's practice of assembling and analyzing metadata on Americans.

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Cybersecurity's secret sauce: audits?

While a 'checklist' approach to cybersecurity is not effective, audits and compliance can be a tool for improvement.

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House passes bill to keep paychecks coming

White House threatens to veto measure that would pay essential employees during shutdown.

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AWS can resume CIA cloud project

Although IBM plans to appeal a judge's ruling, Amazon Web Services is ready to go back to work.

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Shutdown begins to affect contractors

The unavailabilty of systems subject to the shutdown is making it harder for businesses to hire.

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VA furloughs 2,700 IT employees

As carrryover funding runs out, department succumbs to shutdown.

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Are we sitting ducks in the cyber pond?

Washington heavyweights warn that the shutdown could be potentially disastrous for national security.

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GSA sets post-shutdown OASIS deadline

The government shutdown inserted another delay into GSA's OASIS timeline, but the agency now has a plan for moving ahead.

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Big data is big loser in priorities survey

More than half of government IT leaders expect no increase spending on big data in 2014, survey reveals.


Amazon-IBM dispute enters next phase

Oral arguments are about to begin in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims on AWS's appeal of a GAO decision that reopened the competition for a ground-breaking CIA contract.