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capitol dome and bills

Agencies enact contingency plans

With the shutdown a reality, theoretical contingency plans get a real-world test.

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What's the worst that could happen?

If Congress can't come up with a way to continue funding the federal government by Oct. 1, many people won't notice much difference, at first. But it won't take long for the consequences to grow more dire.

US Capitol

Senate kicks modified CR back to the House

Senate drops a provision to defund Obamacare from the House bill.

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Contractors would face shutdown with uncertainty

Who can work -- and when they'll get paid -- depends on a complex mix of factors, experts say.

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Shutdown would give DOD civilians deja-vu

The furloughs brought about by a shutdown would be more sweeping than those DOD employees have already endured under sequestration.

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Shutdown planning is the new normal

The last time the government shut down, the Internet was in its infancy and the political landscape was different. Times have changed.

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Should I stay or should I go?

Federal IT employees are unsure which of them will be spared from furloughs if the government shuts down Oct. 1.

capitol dome

NSA scandal hampers cyber legislation

Congress's efforts to pass a cybersecurity bill may be hopeless for now.

capitol dome and bills

4 goals for fiscal 2014

Not all the news since last October has been bad, but everyone in federal IT just endured 12 straight months of meat-cleaver spending cuts, multiple shutdown threats and the severe restrictions on strategic planning that come with continuing resolutions.

health data

Obamacare on track despite IT hiccups

The federal health insurance exchanges are miscalculating some premium costs, but an Oct. 1 launch is still expected.


Bill allows DHS choice of biometrics

Lawmakers have chosen not to specify which biometrics a visa entry/exit system should use.

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Lawmakers uncomfortable with China solution for satellite gap

Citing China's hostility to the United States, subcommittee chairmen urge other solutions.