The Hill

Steve VanRoekel 102012

VanRoekel sees limitations in FITARA

DOD exemption is one weakness, federal CIO says.

Jay Rockefeller

Senators seek specific spectrum relocation proposal from DOD

A bipartisan group wants the Department of Defense and other agencies to begin the process of vacating a key swath of spectrum as the statutory deadline for a related auction approaches.


Infrastructure a hurdle for videoconferencing legislation

Agencies might have trouble cutting travel budgets as much as a new bill proposes, and videoconferencing -- the legislation's preferred solution -- brings its own set of challenges.


Congress posts U.S. Code in XML

XML release and related legal schema could 'revolutionize' the way lawmakers and citizens interact with the law.

cargo ship

House panel probes gaps in maritime data sharing

The Coast Guard's efforts to connect multiple streams of data on potential maritime threats to be shared across federal, state and local law enforcement remains a work in progress.

capitol dome

Is piecemeal the right approach to cyber legislation?

After several failed attempts to move comprehensive cybersecurity legislation, Congress is taking a new approach.

US Capitol

House passes new customer service standards for feds

Bill would put OMB in charge of goals, require OPM to lessen retirement claims backlog.

Sen. Tom Coburn

Coburn puts hold on OPM nominee

Senator blocks a confirmation vote for Katherine Archuleta, wants answers to his questions on health care reform.

Mark Warner

Mark Warner: Pushing for performance

In a sharply divided Congress, the Senate's management guru gains ground in his nonpartisan approach to the government's fiscal and performance challenges.

trucks leaving mexico

CBP needs better ways to estimate wait times

GAO urges the border agency to update its manual methods for estimating the length of time trucks wait in line to cross Mexican borders into the U.S.

Steve VanRoekel 102012

VanRoekel: OMB has no role in approving energy-savings contracts

As lawmakers continue to try to make sense of a hold on an Energy Department project, the U.S. CIO's response at a hearing provokes more questions.

stylized professionals

The likely decline of the CIO

FITARA's effort to make CIOs political appointees reflects a rift between lawmakers and those who actually run government programs, says Bob Woods.