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Moonlight might feel right, but ask first

Furloughed feds who want to take a temporary job can do so -- within limits.

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Deadlines, deliverables on hold

The government shutdown is taking an early toll on programs that were nearing milestones.

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Restoring trust, international response eyed to boost cybersecurity

To hear some insiders tell it, the state of U.S. security is in shambles, with Edward Snowden, digital adversaries and a lack of cybersecurity legislation chipping away. But hope that the mess can be cleaned up persists.

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Shutdown delays vote on deputy director of management

Senate majority leader rules: No confirmation vote until budget impasse ends.


Shutdown could slow bid protest decisions

GSA is pressing on with its OASIS contract, but closings at GAO and other agencies could pose problems.


E-Verify shuttered during shutdown

The system employers use to ensure their employees are legally entitled to work in the U.S. will be unavailable until the shutdown ends.

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Shutdown could cripple apps

Private-sector apps that rely on government data could be stuck without updates until the government reopens.

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Feds' social media updates among shutdown casualties

Many of the employees who maintain agency Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts will be furloughed until the shutdown ends.

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Shutdown begins

As Congress fails to reach agreement on funding measures, OPM guidance provides information to furloughed feds.

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Senate kicks CR back to House

Sen. Chuck Schumer: 'We will not be extorted' by House Republicnas trying to tie funding for the government to a delay of the health care reform law.

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Agencies enact contingency plans

With the shutdown a reality, theoretical contingency plans get a real-world test.

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What's the worst that could happen?

If Congress can't come up with a way to continue funding the federal government by Oct. 1, many people won't notice much difference, at first. But it won't take long for the consequences to grow more dire.

Operation Jump Start

FCW is proud to support this Feb. 9 event to help the soldiers of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom transition to civilian careers.