The Hill

Sen. Charles Grassley

E-Verify expansion nixed

A proposal to expand the system employers use to ensure employees are eligible to work in the United States failed in committee.

Rep. Darrell Issa

Issa reboots DATA Act

A bill to impose open data standards on federal government spending is getting another look in Congress, starting this week.

power lines at sunset

Can collaboration defend U.S. critical infrastructure?

NSA director hammers message that cyber-legislation, better standards are needed fast.

concept cybersecurity art

Easing into FISMA and FedRAMP? It's possible.

The FedRAMP program that took effect in 2012 and a FISMA reform being considered by Congress are combining to raise agency concerns over compliance.

John Mica

John Mica: Chairman in waiting?

The Florida Republican is likely to be the next chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

data center cages

Hearing set to probe data center progress

A House panel will hold a hearing away from Capitol Hill to gauge the progress of the FDCCI.

U.S. Capitol at Night with Trees

In Congress, 'regular order' is a tall order

A budget resolution and clear spending allocations could bring much-needed stability to agency planning efforts.

dollar signs

Softening the sequester's blow

With up to $5 billion restored through some maneuvering, agencies are seeking ways to avert the doomsday scenarios many had feared.

Tom Carper

In the Senate, a search for solutions

The new chairman of the Senate's key oversight committee is a welcome voice of reason as he seeks progress on complex budget and federal IT issues, including cybersecurity.

U.S. Capitol at Night

Senate goes its own way on cyber

CISPA looks unlikely to pass, but the shape of a possible compromise measure on cybersecurity is coming into focus.

Huawei phone

Chinese company drops U.S. market

As laws restricting the ability of some major agencies to purchase from Chinese firms take hold, one company sets its sights elsewhere.

soldiers folding base flag

DOD officials push BRAC on Capitol Hill

Pentagon claims another round of base closures could spare programs and ease mandated staff cuts, but some lawmakers are skeptical.