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Senate breaks with no continuing resolution

Measure to freeze federal hiring fails; dozens of other amendments remain to be considered as clock ticks toward possible government shutdown.

Rep. Darrell Issa

IT acquisition bill would push 'bid-to-price' selection process

Latest draft of FITARA puts a new twist on the 'lowest price technically acceptable' versus 'best value' debate.

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House Oversight Committee floats FISMA update

New bill reprises measure that passed the House but stalled in the Senate in 2012.

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Two IT bills headed for House floor

Measures on cybersecurity standards, high-performance computing clear committee; both died in the Senate’s previous session.

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GAO details the high cost of continuing resolutions

It may be hard for Congress to agree on a budget, but not doing so leads to reduced effectiveness and added expenses.

Ron DeSantis

Bill would cut congressional salaries

Freshman Congressman proposes a pay cut for lawmakers to ensure fairness under the sequester -- when it is 'constitutionally permissible.'

Angela Canterbury

Legislators claim culture of secrecy threatens open government

Freedom of Information Act could be in for legislative revision, while witnesses and lawmakers champion the DATA Act as another needed transparency measure.

Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski

Senate's funding bill includes cyber plans, CIO spending reviews

Continuing resolution includes IT provisions for DHS, Agriculture and Veterans Affairs in addition to avoiding March 27 shutdown.

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Senate CR would cancel federal raise

Like a House bill already passed, the Senate's proposed measure to fund the government would also eliminate a pay increase for the federal workforce.

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Administration to Congress: Cyber order is not enough

Senate hearing touches on effects of budget cuts and challenges of moving new legislation, as old disputes resurface.

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Push to reduce contractor compensation continues

Three senators are trying to get a reduction to the compensation cap added to the continuing resolution.

Hudson Hollister

Bill would open congressional research to public

A bill that's been around in various forms for 10 years is back, seeking to open public access to government research.