The Hill

capitol in snow

House passes continuing resolution

Measure, pending Senate passage, would prevent government shutdown.

Sen. Tom Coburn

Coburn continues to question agency job listings

Forgoing some new hires could reduce pressure to furlough current employees, senator argues.

furloughed worker

Delegate lays blame for sequester

Washington D.C.'s non-voting member of Congress offers encouragement to federal employees, pledges support.

Obama as jedi

Issa, Obama still seek sequester alternatives

Committee chairman says across-the-board cuts can be avoided if agencies can identify unnecessary or wasteful programs, while White House draws on pop culture to promote president's plan.

Stan Soloway PSC and Paul Misener, Amazon

Procurement reform must address the human factor

Witnesses testifying at House committee hearing emphasized the 'poisoned atmosphere' that acquisition officials must work in, as part of an effort to shape an upcoming reform bill.

Richard Spires at HOGRC on 022713

Issa, Spires sketch visions for IT reform and CIO authority

House hearing on draft legislation explores budget authority, chains of command and the sheer number of agency CIOs.

Dan Gordon, former head of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy

Acquisition officials still wary of talking to industry

As Congress assembles a new IT procurement bill, the former head of the OFPP urges easing tensions between agencies and companies as his 'myth-busting' campaign sought to do.

John Boehner

Boehner bashes VA for lack of progress on claims backlog

The VA's new system, deployed in 2012 with a goal of dramatically cutting claims processing time, has so far not lived up to its promise.

Sen. Tom Coburn

Senator offers advice to avoid furloughs

Sen. Tom Coburn suggests leaving positions unfilled -- and names them a few.

capitol dome and bills

After the sequester: Why March 27 is even scarier

The March 1 sequester will almost certainly take place -- and negotiations to avoid a full-blown shutdown just a few weeks later are not looking particularly promising.

computer and network

DOD info-sharing program to expand under order

As implementation of the president's cybersecurity executive order takes shape, critics say Congress must pass legislation if there is to be a significant improvement.

Obama speaking against sequester

Sequestration clock ticks down the final days

As the window narrows for government leaders to undo sequestration's automatic spending cuts, leaders are ramping up opposition to the measure and warning of the grave impact that the cuts would bring. But other groups are taking a different tack, suggesting that at least some of the cuts could be beneficial for the nation.