The Hill

US Capitol

DATA Act, IT consolidation bill advance in Senate

One bill would make it easier to track federal spending; the other would continue ongoing efforts to reduce the number of data centers the government maintains.

Washington Navy Yard

Senate bill calls for more frequent clearance re-checks

Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis might have lost his clearance under measures outlined in new legislation, supporters claim.

Katherine Archuleta

Archuleta confirmed to head OPM

The vote for what is normally an uncontroversial position was unusually partisan.

eye through wall

NSA chief pushes back against legislative limits on data collection

Gen. Keith Alexander denies that spying efforts have gone too far.

health data

Sebelius takes responsibility for Obamacare system failures

Under scrutiny from lawmaker, the HHS secretary answers some key questions, but others remain open.

pen and contract

ELC attendees split on FITARA

Whether the latest proposed acquisition reform bill is a boon or bane depends on whom you ask.

tax form and keyboard

Is tax-filing delay tied to problems?

House Ways and Means chairman asks why IRS employees were excepted from the shutdown to work on the health care site, but not to test key tax systems.

What went wrong with

Congressional hearing zeroes in on problems with testing, integration and project management.

US Capitol

Republicans criticize DHS nominee

The nomination of former Department of Defense General Counsel Jeh Johnson to head the Department of Homeland Security brought mixed reactions from Congress that broke down along party lines, perhaps presaging a difficult confirmation battle.

man walking away

Will returning feds head for the exits?

The shutdown and its furloughs might be the final straw for some federal employees, giving managers a potential morale challenge.

man paying bills

Feds face insurance bills

If the government shutdown is not lifted soon, federal employees will begin receiving bills for some insurance premiums.

US Capitol

Some inconvenient shutdown truths

Do the shutdown politics and coverage make your head spin? Alan Balutis offers a reality check.

The 2015 Federal 100

Meet 100 women and men who are doing great things in federal IT.