The Hill

Obama and the budget

Deja vu: Budget battle looms

Obama's opposition to House appropriations bills signals another long summer of contention over funding the government.

capitol dome and bills

Administration pushing Congress to reduce contractor compensation

OFPP's Jordan says White House is preparing a legislative proposal to use president's salary as the new cap.

walter reed

House panel rejects BRAC request

Chairman cites uncertainty as reason to not start another round of base closures.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss)

Rep. Thompson wants better answers from DHS on Spires

Ranking member of House Homeland Security Committee tells Napolitano her department's response was both late and insufficient.

keyhole digital

Is supply-chain risk overstated?

Software is at greater risk of cyber-attack than hardware, but foreign-made gear is still raising concerns.

abstract image of money

DATA bill introduced

The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act establishes standards for federal spending data published to the portal.

weak link

House working group to examine supply chain security

A bipartisan working group will look at the federal government's role in establishing best practices, among other things.

Sen. Charles Grassley

E-Verify expansion nixed

A proposal to expand the system employers use to ensure employees are eligible to work in the United States failed in committee.

Rep. Darrell Issa

Issa reboots DATA Act

A bill to impose open data standards on federal government spending is getting another look in Congress, starting this week.

power lines at sunset

Can collaboration defend U.S. critical infrastructure?

NSA director hammers message that cyber-legislation, better standards are needed fast.

concept cybersecurity art

Easing into FISMA and FedRAMP? It's possible.

The FedRAMP program that took effect in 2012 and a FISMA reform being considered by Congress are combining to raise agency concerns over compliance.

data center cages

Hearing set to probe data center progress

A House panel will hold a hearing away from Capitol Hill to gauge the progress of the FDCCI.