The Hill

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Softening the sequester's blow

With up to $5 billion restored through some maneuvering, agencies are seeking ways to avert the doomsday scenarios many had feared.

Tom Carper

In the Senate, a search for solutions

The new chairman of the Senate's key oversight committee is a welcome voice of reason as he seeks progress on complex budget and federal IT issues, including cybersecurity.

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Senate goes its own way on cyber

CISPA looks unlikely to pass, but the shape of a possible compromise measure on cybersecurity is coming into focus.

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Chinese company drops U.S. market

As laws restricting the ability of some major agencies to purchase from Chinese firms take hold, one company sets its sights elsewhere.

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DOD officials push BRAC on Capitol Hill

Pentagon claims another round of base closures could spare programs and ease mandated staff cuts, but some lawmakers are skeptical.

E-mail circling the globe

Full Senate to take up e-mail privacy

Laws a quarter-century old could get a refresh in a new bill that would smooth out inconsistencies.

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FITARA: More than a tweak, less than a revolution

The latest procurement reform bill ensures CIO budget authority, a 'sea change' according to one former CIO.

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Congressman seeks answers on Spires

Lawmakers adds his voice to those demanding to know why the DHS CIO is on leave.

U.S.-Mexico border fence -- photo from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol

Immigration bill has implications for agency IT

Reform bill relies on tech-centric solutions for border control, employment verification

House vote on April 18 to approve CISPA

House passes CISPA

Controversial cyber bill approved on a 288-127 vote. The Senate blocked last year's version of the bill, and may do so again.

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Where the cyber bills stand

The House passed three measures already this week, and will likely vote on a fourth -- CISPA -- on April 18. Here's what they mean for the broader cyber debate.

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House passes FISMA update, cyber training bills

Three bills now move to the Senate, where Homeland Security Chairman Carper will determine that chamber's strategy for cyber legislation.