The Hill

John Mica

House subcommittee troubled over data center updates

Lawmakers criticize agencies for underestimating by several thousand the number of data centers involved in a consolidation initiative.

Richard Hudson

Lawmakers push for smarter acquisition at TSA

'We don't have to look far to know the process is broken,' one House critic declares.

US Capitol

Bill would limit reverse auctions

Despite GSA's empbrace of the procurement technique, some lawmakers seek to restrict its use.

contract signing

Multiprong support comes for strategic sourcing

Legislation and a new GSA contract could bolster practices intended to amplify federal buying power.

image of obama on phone

Cyber EO successes and struggles

Deadlines for the first two sets of deliverables under Obama's cybersecurity executive order have come and gone, meaning agencies are now ready to ask: Can the government actually get this done?

Cielo supercomputer

DOE appeal: Breaking exaflop barrier will require more funding

As China takes the lead in the supercomputer race, the Energy Department asks for continued congressional support in its efforts to advance.

Danny Werfel

Agencies pledge IT readiness for Obamacare

With one key witness a no-show, IRS and CMS officials promise they will be ready for the Affordable Care Act's data-sharing requirements.

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Some senators skeptical about strategic sourcing

Can GSA's bulk-buying strategy really save the big dollars its supporters promise?

capitol dome and bills

A season of gridlock

What are Congress-watchers telling contractors about the prospects for the fiscal 2014 budget?

NIST image of eye for iris scan

NIST delivers long-sought standards for iris recognition

New guidelines for identity verification also cover on-card fingerprint recognition.

data center cages

DOE data center deal still at impasse

Legislators seek answers as it becomes unclear whether OMB or the Energy Department itself is holding up the department's energy-saving contract.

Alan Balutis larger version

FITARA: Son of Clinger-Cohen?

The latest attempt at IT reform echoes the IT Management Reform Act, better known as watch OMB’s reaction carefully.

Who's Fed 100-worthy?

Nominations are now open for the 2015 Federal 100 awards. Get the details and submit your picks!