• Justin Herman

    The larger message in social media metrics

    Tracking clicks and engagement is good, Steve Kelman notes, but what really matters is government's embrace of performance management. Read More

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  • computer and books

    Coming soon: The university of the internet

    Massive open online courses could change almost everything about higher education. And they're coming faster than anyone expected, Steve Kelman finds. Read More

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  • measurement tool

    How measurement motivates, part 2

    Research findings suggest important strategies for using performance measurement to motivate employees to new heights, Steve Kelman reports. Read More

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  • men talking

    How measurement motivates

    Steve Kelman explains the power of stretch goals over general encouragement. Read More

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  • Steve Kelman

    How conformists can spark creativity

    Conformity may seem like the enemy of innovation, but Steve Kelman finds that's not necessarily true. Read More

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  • FAR image GSA

    Welcome back, FAR 13.5

    Simplified acquisition procedures for smaller purchases have returned to the contracting officer's toolbox. Read More

  • Pollution in Beijing - January 2013 - photo by @AThorntonChina

    Hopes and fears: China edition

    Steve Kelman finds that Chinese students have hopes that would sound familiar, but fears that are much less so. Read More

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  • donation box

    Soup, a sandwich and deficit reduction

    Steve Kelman wonders if a chain restaurant's charity idea could work for reducing the federal deficit. Read More

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  • businesspeople running track

    Are procurement contests entering the IT mainstream?

    Steve Kelman is hopeful that the VA's unusual choice to host a competition for an IT system will break new ground. Read More

  • crowd at inauguaration 2013

    After the inauguration, some forecasts for the next four years

    Steve Kelman takes the occasion of Barack Obama's inauguration to ask some friends what good and bad things they consider most likely to happen during the president's second term. Read More

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