• A burst of Taiwanese democracy at Harvard

    Steve Kelman attends two Taiwanese political rallies without leaving Cambridge. Read More

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  • Share-in-savings for energy-saving contracts -- how headquarters contracting shops can help

    A specifc share-in-savings contract avoids termination liabilities. Read More

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  • Buying commercial items is back -- or is it?

    Some ideas for saving costs would be good ideas even when budgets aren't tight, writes Steve Kelman. Buying commercial items is one of them. Read More

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  • Why is GAO's glass so often half empty?

    GAO reports often take a pessimistic tone about what could be seen as good news. Steve Kelman wonders why. Read More

  • Why Sweden's economy is thriving

    Steve Kelman reports interesting observations from Stockholm. Read More

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  • Laptops in the classroom: tool or time-waster?

    The rising use of laptops and mobile devices in class raises new policy questions and ancient philosophical debates. Read More

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  • Want to be a good IT professional? Build good networks (social ones)

    Steve Kelman learns the value of talking to people when faced with a difficult problem. Read More

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  • Swap Social Security benefits for long-term care: Fair trade?

    Steve Kelman wonders if people would trade in their monthly Social Security checks in exchange for insurance against outliving their assets. Read More

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  • When the Wall fell, and everything after

    Steve Kelman reflects on the significance of the Berlin Wall's fall. Read More

  • Procurement contests pooh-poohed by an unlikely source

    Steve Kelman is disappointed in an attack on federal procurement competitions from a source he never would have expected. Read More

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