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  • Street art and Miami's urban revitalization

    A neighborhood in Miami experiences a revitalization through a seemingly unlikely source. Read More

  • Young feds are coming up fast

    A conversation with 31-year-old GS-15 is revealing for Steve Kelman. Read More

  • Government employment still appeals

    A survey finds that students rank federal agencies among the top places to work. Read More

  • Steve Kelman, broken record: More on contracting cost savings

    Former procurement chief recommends some familiar concepts to save money on contracts. Read More

  • Putting clarity into contracting

    How one agency addresses misunderstandings between agencies and contractors. Read More

  • What do supermarket cashiers, gas-station attendants and the dodo have in common?

    At the National Contract Management Conference, Steve Kelman learns what procurement officials fear these days Read More

  • Contracting out strikes out again among my students

    A survey of Kelman’s public policy students shows declining supporting for contracting out government services. Read More

  • Harsh budget reality hits home

    The reality of tightening budgets is starting to sink in, Steve Kelman observes. Read More

  • Students demand 'tough love' for TSA screener

    Should a dedicated public servant who makes a mistake get a second chance? Steve Kelman's students give a surprising answer. Read More

  • How the $16 muffin story harms the discourse

    The story of conference muffins costing $16 each, a recently iconic mental image of government waste, is false -- and Steve Kelman explains why spreading such stories is harmful. Read More

Who's Fed 100-worthy?

Nominations are now open for the 2015 Federal 100 awards. Get the details and submit your picks!