• Report from Sweden: Spring is in the air

    Blogger Steve Kelman notes changes of all sorts are afoot in Sweden. Read More

  • More notes from Israel -- Coca Cola, Purim and struggle

    Steve Kelman takes note of Israelis' preference in soft drinks and passion for a holiday. Read More

  • Back to Israel

    Steve Kelman's world travels take him back to Israel. Read More

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  • Changes afoot as GS-15s get younger

    Government managers are becoming more youthful as a group, Steve Kelman observes. Read More

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  • Government should adopt instant feedback features

    Columnist Steve Kelman suggests that the government should implement technology to allow quick and easy feedback. Read More

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  • More Beijing impressions

    Steve Kelman is visiting Beijing for the first time and reporting his impressions of China’s capital. Read More

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  • Beijing impressions

    Steve Kelman finds the charm and character of China's capital city. Read More

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  • An on-location report on youth protests in Beijing

    Blogger Steve Kelman finds himself a witness to protests brewing in China Read More

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  • Tight budget revives contracting professional debate

    Do contracting officials serve the public or their agency programs? Steve Kelman considers the arguments. Read More

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  • OFPP mythbusts government-industry communications

    Yes, contractors and agencies are allowed to talk. Steve Kelman has some thoughts. Read More

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